David Attenborough warns planet ‘will face more pandemics if we don’t protect world’

“As I was preparing to talk to camera, Poppy was at my feet trying to take off my shoes. It was an experience that has stayed with me, but it was tinged with sadness as I thought I might be seeing some of the last of their kind.”

Sir David Attenborough warns the end of polar bears by 2030s and ANOTHER major pandemic unless we tackle climate change

But Sir Attenborough claims that all of the solutions are “within our grasp” and there are a number of “steps we can take and goals we must achieve to avert the coming catastrophe.”

Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds says Sir David Attenborough’s show warning of mass extinction of wildlife left her in TEARS – as she pleads: ‘Everyone should watch this, it’s time to act’

People, quite rightly, talk a lot about climate change. But it is now clear that man-made global warming is only one of a number of crises in play. A team of esteemed scientists led by Johan Rockstrom and Will Steffen have identified nine critical thresholds hard-wired into Earth’s environment: climate change, fertiliser use, land conversion, […]

Priti Patel warns eco protesters could face FIVE YEARS in jail after Extinction Rebellion’s newspaper blockade

Some newsagents’ shelves were left empty on Saturday morning after demonstrators targeted Newsprinters’ printing works at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire and Knowsley, near Liverpool.

Extinction Rebellion’s blockade fiasco proves our cops are biased

But the Beeb has been transformed by a new breed of anti-British know-alls into an incessant nag – vividly made flesh by Ms Maitlis’s political rant against Dominic Cummings.

Failed MP, ex-Para & ‘birth striker’ among Extinction Rebellion protesters who took part in newspaper blockade

When asked about the protesters who disrupted the supply of millions of newspapers on Friday night Ms Abbott told Sophy Ridge on Sky: “I think it’s important to remind ourselves that direct actions which is what those actions were are actually legal.

Extinction Rebellion thugs are endangering democracy and must be met with the full force of the law

But he also provided a sage warning against committing criminal acts that XR would have been sensible to take note of, saying: “I don’t think it is sensible politics to break the law. If you are any good at all, some of your demands will be met – and then you will be demanding people […]

Piers Morgan accuses Extinction Rebellion co-founder of ‘destroying trees’ as he spots wooden shelving unit at her home

Speaking directly to Clare, Piers said: “What I was most curious about, one of your targets to stop coming out was The Sun newspaper, owned by Rupert Murdoch, in that edition of The Sun, there was a whole page by Sir David Attenborough warning about climate change, the very thing that you accused the papers […]

‘Press are worse than the Nazis’: Independent newspaper columnist who masterminded Extinction Rebellion blockade of printworks says ‘this is like World War Two and you guys are on the other side’

Unfortunately, on Friday night and Saturday morning the police were slow to act. At the printing plants in Hertfordshire and on Merseyside, they failed to start clearing Extinction Rebellion protesters for more than six hours. In the end, there were 80 arrests. Their relaxed attitude recalls the laid-back behaviour of the some of the police […]

Letters: Extinction Rebellion is a force for good

In 2014, the Observer published an article about a reformed alcoholic who donated a kidney altruistically to mark 20 years of sobriety. Her story inspired me and I made my donation in February 2015. End of story. But it wasn’t. I have learned so much, have been able to act as a mentor to potential […]