Sir David Attenborough forced to film new BBC series from home due to coronavirus

In recent weeks he has started filming links from his garden and recording the entire voiceover from a room inside his house, taping a duvet to the wall to improve sound quality while dubbing mixer Graham Wild works outside.

Sir David Attenborough says humanity is at a crossroads but we can still do lots to help tackle the ­climate crisis

“The carbon dioxide going out of the window as a consequence of meeting here is quite significant. So we could always say, ‘Was that really worthwhile expending that breath?’”

David Attenborough urges public to ditch meat and go vegetarian to save planet

In his new documentary, A Life On Our Planet, the 94-year-old outlines the decline of the planet’s environment and biodiversity – and urges people to reduce the amount of meat they eat, just as he has in recent years.

David Attenborough opens up about ‘the best time of my life’ in new Netflix film trailer

He previously said of it: “This book records some of the dreadful damage mankind has already wrought upon the natural world and the real and imminent danger that things could get much, much worse if we do not act now.

Noted broadcaster Sir David Attenborough to be presented with Indira Gandhi peace prize

Suman Dubey, the secretary of the Trust, had said Sir David had tirelessly worked to “awaken humankind to the need to preserve and protect the biodiversity on our planet, to live in a sustainable and harmonious way with all life, and to stop being what he has called: ‘a plague on earth’.”

Sir David Attenborough says we need to ‘rewild the world’ by creating more forests and become vegetarian to save earth in new Netflix documentary A Life On Our Planet

‘There’s little left for the world. We have completely destroyed it. That is my witness statement, the story of global decline during a lifetime. If we continue on our current course the damage will be eclipsed by the damage that comes next. 

Attenborough is the human voice of nature: Manmohan

“We must change our ways, and we must do so swiftly and globally. But success will only come if the nations of the world agree to act to together and help one another. This will not be easy. We have to change from being nationalists and become internationalists,” he said.

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Is Planet Earth a repeat?

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