Ayesha Curry shares secrets to her 35-pound weight loss during quarantine

“Fitbit Premium has come in handy through quarantine,” she said. “It was great while I was traveling and out of my routine — I was able to tap into the vast library workout content anytime, anywhere so I didn’t fall off track. It’s a great resource for at-home and on-the-go workouts.”

Jessica Simpson unrecognisable after seven stone weight loss as she tries on skinny jeans

Jessica, who starred as hot-panting loving Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard movie in 2005, then appeared to throw it back to her former character again as she rocked a pair of denim overalls so pose alongside daughter Birdie Mae.

Gemma Collins flaunts 3-stone weight loss as she dances on Mykonos beach

“She is insisting that she will not let him ruin her physically as well as mentally, and if anything, their split has made her more determined than ever to reach her size 16 goal and prove to herself and to him that she is better and stronger without him.”

Shmee Drives The Fastest Front-Wheel-Drive Car At The Nurburgring

You can easily tell the Akrapovič exhaust is quite loud as there are moments when we can barely understand what Shmee is saying. As impressive and engaging the Megane RS Trophy-R Nürburgring Record Pack is, the exorbitant price tag makes it a tough sell. It’s especially true when you compare it with the significantly cheaper Alpine […]

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Barley Grass

Fresh barley grass may not be available in supermarkets, but barley grass powder is widely available. It is used to make juice and often combined with other leafy greens such as wheatgrass, spinach and kale to make juices, smoothies and shakes.

How a shock pre-diabetic diagnosis inspired a professional skier, 29, to launch a booming health food company that banked six figures in its first three weeks of business

‘I really thought Priceline was going to be ‘it’ for us in terms of major retailers, but then when we saw the demand we reached out to other buyers on LinkedIn and it went from there.’

Try this 5-minute yoga routine before bedtime

Lie down on your back with your legs straight in front of you. Then bring the right knee into your chest, and place your hands behind the right thigh. Straighten the right leg up towards the ceiling. If you feel a stretch in your hamstring, stay here. If not, walk the hands up to the […]

Simon Cowell’s AGT replacement sparks strong reaction from fans

Simon has since taken to Twitter himself to reassure his fans. He joked: “Some good advice… If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time. I have broken part of my back. Thank you to everyone for your kind messages.”

Boyfriend’s reaction is hilarious as woman pretends to be an influencer recording a message about her ‘new diet and exercise regime’ – and tells a pack of lies

But he remains quiet as she continues: ‘I had to watch Kendall eat a waffle today and it pained me because I couldn’t have any of it. And yes that includes alcohol, I have not had alcohol in a month.’

Gemma Collins regrets failed Rami engagement as she knew she’d never marry Arg

She added: “I knew it wasn’t right because when he asked me to marry him I zoned out and sort of stared into space. I should have said no, but I didn’t have the guts.”