‘Beautiful girl’ found dead inside her family home ‘was being stalked by a co-worker she barely knew’ – making her the latest in Melbourne’s shameful series of young women killed by male strangers

Price took the the knife from a bag he was carrying and ran up to her. He pushed her into the bushes where she pleaded with Price not to hurt her. Masa told Price she would do anything he wanted her to do. Price ignored her and began stabbing.

The day I woke up to find my industry had vanished

The next week was spent processing over a million dollars in canceled revenue while Googling the definition of “furlough” and wondering when my inevitable one would begin. With shelter in place orders beginning to be enacted around the country, I learned that my furlough would begin Monday and our hotel closed that Friday. We all […]

Sinaloa Cartel Is ‘Not Dead’ But ‘Thriving’ Despite El Chapo Being Jailed In US, Says Expert

But Mr Creechan said: “I do not think that the indictment and charges ever intended to say that he was the only “boss” of the cartel. Was he a capo who gave orders and directed criminal activity? Definitely! Was he proven to be the real boss of the cartel? – that question did not have to […]

Woman in 40s found dead in leafy village as man is arrested for manslaughter

“The scene of the incident will remain under police guard until at least tomorrow while our investigation continues.”

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Big Brother’s Heavy D was ‘dead on his kitchen floor for at least two days’ before he was found by his brother after a suspected heart attack

‘It’s going to take a long time to sink in. Heavy D was a colourful character and a big part of our family. He had a lot to say and had a lot of energy. His death has left a big hole in our lives.’ 

Popular Wetherspoons barmaid, 33, found dead in bed as devastated family pay tribute

Janice said: “She had been poorly for a couple of weeks. She was prone to chest infections at this time of year. She had finished one lot of antibiotics, then had to have some more.

First victims of California wildfires named as number of dead rises to 58

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Lenny Kravitz on Love, Anger, and Music

What was your personal definition of success when you first started, and how has that changed as you’ve gotten older?My definition of success was that I was really proud of the albums and of the recordings. But I didn’t care that they were hits or they sold. I never went to one awards ceremony where […]

The best tech gifts for non-techies in 2020

Apple TV HD Great choice for those deep in the Apple ecosystem This is probably one of the easiest and best entertainment and home automation hubs, especially for those who already use iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It’s small, discreet, yet offers a window into a massive entertainment and app ecosystem that Apple has to offer. […]

The ComiXology Cyber Monday sale is here – save up to 70% on DC and Marvel comics

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Vol. 1 | £9.69 £4.79 at ComiXologyAssassin’s Creed may have a long and storied history on consoles, but it’s in the comics where the real potential for the franchise begins to shine. This is a spin-off of Origins, the Ancient Egypt-set Assassin’s game from a couple of years back, and well worth […]