Flashback: Nancy Spungen Found Dead at Chelsea Hotel

In 1975, a 17-year-old Philly girl named Nancy Spungen dropped out of the University of Colorado and moved to New York City. She pushed her way in with the emerging punk crowd – meeting seminal rockers like Johnny Thunders and Cheetah Chrome. Spungen quickly established herself in the punk scene as a new kind of […]

The French brotherhood burying the dead – rich or poor – since 1188

There are currently around 40 brothers, aged between 40 and 80 and drawn from all sectors of society, from “doctors, lawyers and insurance people to restaurant and factory workers”. Their numbers dropped below a dozen in the 1970s, but they continue to recruit and bury about 200 people a year.

Coronavirus live updates: 50,000 dead worldwide

6:35 a.m. Testing shortfall hurts nursing homes: Nursing homes across the country have been in lockdown for weeks under federal orders to protect their frail, elderly residents from coronavirus, but a wave of deadly outbreaks nearly every day since suggests that the measures including a ban on visits and daily health screenings of staffers either […]

Rapper Pop Smoke Dead, Shot and Killed in Home Invasion By 4 Masked Gunmen

The rapper was at a home in the Hollywood Hills at around 4:30 AM when 2 men wearing hoodies and masks broke into a house … this according to law enforcement sources. We’re told the 2 men fired multiple shots, striking and critically wounding Pop Smoke. The men were seen fleeing on foot.

“Field of Dreams” is absolutely terrible

If you’ve read even a part of what I’ve written around here in the past eight years, you know that I prefer to look forward and not backward and that most of what I find to be wrong with baseball analysis and commentary is a function of people doing way too much of the latter […]

Prosecution’s Closing Argument in ‘Grim Sleeper’ Serial Killer Trial: ‘He Wanted to Degrade These Women’

“These crimes were about power and control,” she told the jury and courtroom, which was packed with family members, reporters and law enforcement officers. “The women who grew up in South L.A. were tough: Why else does the defendant bring a loaded gun to look for women?”

Selena Quintanilla’s Enduring Legacy: How the Late Superstar’s Influence Ended up Everywhere

“I am named after her. She was a big deal to my family and growing up from the get-go, I knew who she was and who I was named after,”Gomez said on The View in 2012. “I got to visit her grave. I’ve actually met her family. Some of her family, and it’s such a honor […]

All the World Loved Lucille Ball

Despite her age, Lucille recovered rapidly. When she woke up in intensive case, she looked up at husband Gary Morton and, calm as you please, inquired: “How’s the dog doing?” He told her Tinker was doing fine. Then she asked, “Was it a big surgery?” He said, “It was a big surgery, but it was […]

‘Stateless’: Cate Blanchett Reveals Why TV Is The Perfect Medium For Her Netflix-Acquired Refugee Drama

And so, in the series, we extrapolate out that sense of statelessness to a poetic reality. Anyone who comes into contact with an immigration system at the moment, whether it’s in Australia or Europe, or the rhetoric around building a wall in America, it is slightly maddening. The series started to crystalize for us because […]

Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island Unrated Edition Is Coming to Digital This April

The Fantasy Island Blu-ray and digital editions include Deleted Scenes, The Unrated and theatrical versions of the movie, Unrated Director and Cast Commentary: Audio commentary by Director Jeff Wadlow and Cast (Unrated Version Only). That’s quite a bit of extra material to get into while being stuck at home for at least the rest of […]