Alena Kostornaya, world’s top figure skater, splits from coach Eteri Tutberidze

“There was a time, when [2014 Olympic team event champion] Yulia [Lipnitskaya] stated her desire against hitting the ice jointly with Yevgenia, and we tried to meet all of her demands, but it didn’t help,” was posted on Tutberidze’s Instagram, according to a TASS translation. “Then Yevgenia decided against skating with Alina. Today we received […]

China raises protection for pangolins by removing scales from medicine list

Since 2015, 99% of all whole pangolin seizures – both live and dead – have occurred in Asia, with 24% of those at China’s borders, followed by a large number of seizures in Vietnam and India, according to C4ADS. Most of the whole pangolins are being trafficked from Laos, Thailand and India.

Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe ‘signed on’ for reality TV show about his zoo which will ‘divulge information’ about Joe Exotic

Joe was sentenced to a 22-year jail sentence after being found guilty of paying a hitman to kill Carole and killing tigers to make room for more exotic cats in his animal park.

Groovy! Dancing Sea Lion Keeps a Beat

“Everybody in the animal cognition world, including me, was intrigued by the dancing bird studies, but I remember thinking that no one had attempted a strong effort to show beat keeping in an animal other than a parrot,” Cook said in a statement. “I figured training a mammal to move in time to music would […]

Figure skating Grand Prix Series will be held as ‘domestic’ competitions

Skaters typically compete twice on the Grand Prix Series (three times if they qualify for the Final), then at national championships in late December or January. The January 2021 U.S. Championships are scheduled for San Jose, Calif. The March 2021 World Championships are set for Stockholm.

Coronavirus: Japan and US fly citizens home as China death toll jumps

Unicef said it had shipped six tonnes of respiratory masks and protective suits to Shanghai to protect health workers. “This coronavirus is spreading at a breakneck speed and it is important to put all the necessary resources into halting it,” said Unicef’s executive director, Henrietta Fore. “We may not know enough about the virus’s impact […]

U.N. chief warns world facing ‘generational catastrophe’ on education

The coronavirus, which first appeared in China late last year, has infected 4.6 million people in the United States and killed more than 155,000 Americans since February, according to a Reuters tally. Deaths rose by over 25,000 in July and cases doubled in 19 states during the month.

Good news and bad news for the animal kingdom

Illegal mining has decimated the lowlands of Kahuzi-Biega National Park, a Grauer’s gorilla habitat. Destruction of forest for timber, charcoal production and agriculture continues to threaten isolated gorilla populations in North Kivu and the Itombwe Massif.

Covid-19: US enters ‘new phase’ of coronavirus pandemic as cases, deaths rise

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent analysis of pandemic fatalities shows weekly reports of new deaths increasing over the next month, with 5,000 to 11,000 new deaths projected in the third week of August. The national death toll could climb to more than 168,000 by that time, with a high estimate of […]

Has Iran LIED about its Covid-19 death toll? Government’s ‘own records’ show 42,000 people have died — TRIPLE the 14,000 officially recorded

The health ministry has said that the country’s reports to the World Health Organization are ‘transparent’ and ‘far from any deviations’. Pictured, Muslims perform Eid al-Adha prayer Imamzadeh Panj Tan Tomb despite the announcement of the government banning the mass prayers due to coronavirus in Tehran on July 31