The Latest: China’s community virus cases hit single digits

Under the revised program, up to $5,000 will be available for those with a maximum household income post-pandemic at or below 60 percent of the area median. Applications must now be submitted by landlords or property owners on behalf of tenants, and payments will be made directly to the property owners.

Global report: New Zealand begins mass testing as Australia records deadliest day

Residents in Victoria are under various levels of lockdown as it struggles to contain an outbreak that has for weeks seen hundreds of new cases confirmed every day. In central Melbourne, people who are not essential workers may leave their houses only to grocery shop (one person per household per day) or exercise for an […]

Warehouse worker, 45, accused of murdering his 13-year-old daughter threw her across a room in ‘fit of temper’ when she was a baby because she would not stop crying, court hears

‘He did so, as he was later to admit, in a fit of temper because he became frustrated that she wouldn’t stop crying and he threw her a distance of four to five feet across the room into the cot knocking her head on the side of the cot.

Top 7… Video game levels with hidden meanings

The books in the Epilogue room use actual quotes to drop hints about the Manhattan Project, the real-life research that eventually created the first atomic bomb. By collecting seven of the eight stars hidden throughout the previous levels, you can unlock two alternate endings that change the sequence of 1-1’s revelatory events. One of them […]

Alice: Madness Returns releasing June 14 – your summer just got stabbier

Madness Returns is American McGee’s answer to, “Hey man, why don’t you make an Alice follow-up already?” The game takes place eleven years after the eleven-year-old PC original, American McGee’s Alice, and continues the story of the troubled girl with a big knife.

Alice: Madness Returns hands-on preview

As I made may merry way through the exterior sections of the clockwork steam-powered Hatter’s Domain, I noticed I that was collecting teeth. An EA representative explained that the teeth can be put toward upgrading Alice’s weapons, of which she has four (excluding a neat teapot launcher I played with in Queensland): the Vorpal Blade, […]

Mahima Chaudhry Says She Was Bullied By Subhash Ghai, Reveals Salman Khan & Sanjay Dutt Stood By Her

Despite Being Bullied, Mahima Chose To Stay Strong “I learnt from the press that he had begun shooting without me. I had already given interviews stating that I would be shooting for Satya in a week. I and Ram Gopal Varma had even discussed the look. I am sure if I was from the industry, […]