Trump Campaign Accuses Michigan Gov. Whitmer of ‘Encouraging Assassination Attempts’ Against POTUS

Unnamed representatives of the Trump campaign cited screenshots showing definitions of the numeral “86” from Wikiwand and the Urban Dictionary, in which the term is explained as American English slang that means “80 miles out and 6 feet under” standing for “killing someone”. The Trump representatives claim that “these are the standards she [Whitmer] set”. […]

Everything we know about The Elder Scrolls 6, from Xbox exclusivity, game engine, and more

It all boils down to – well, boils, actually, as they’re part of a disease that followers of Peryite (the Daedric Prince of pestilence, natural order, and tasks) have been infected with. In the quest The Only Cure, the blotchy red-skinned, poison-puking devotees of Peryite mention a plague that started in High Rock, leading some […]

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk review

Because it’s self-aware D&D parody, yeah? You know the territory. I won’t deny that it can be really funny. Even surreal, sometimes, in the genuine sense of the word. The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk itself, while introduced as a forbidding place that no adventurers have breached and lived to tell the tale, turns out to be […]

Weight loss story: “I lost 28 kilos in 7 months after I got fed up of taunts!”

When you are overweight, it not only impacts your physical health but also heavily affects your mental well being. When 18-year-old Aarav realised that all the extra kilos were impacting his self-confidence, he decided to bring about the necessary changes to get back in shape. In a span of just 7 months, he lost a […]

Weight loss story: “I lost 9.5 kilos in just 2.5 months and my husband was my biggest supporter!”

When you embark on a weight loss journey, you realise that it does not happen overnight and you have to work really hard. When 32-year Nilofar, who is a nurse by profession, realised that she needed to lose weight to get healthy, she completely devoted herself to the journey. In a span of just 2.5 […]

Many Californians aren’t eager to get coronavirus vaccine, poll finds

Concern about the vaccine crosses party lines. While 57% of all Californians say they would either definitely or probably get the vaccine, the number is 56% for Democrats, 50% for Republicans and 56% for independents. In the Bay Area, 67% say they would get the vaccine, compared with 50% in Los Angeles County, with its […]

The Mandalorian season 2: release date, trailer, cast and what we know

Luke Skywalker is unlikely to crop up away from the saga that bears his name, but there are plenty of big names in the Star Wars universe who’ll be operating around the time of The Mandalorian. It’s set five years after the destruction of the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, after all. […]

Wheelchair rugby player Liz Dunn is aiming to make U.S. Paralympic history

This story is the third in an On Her Turf series called “Groundbreakers,” which highlights female athletes who compete in sports or events that 1) are primarily contested by men or 2) aren’t currently open to women at the highest level. Today’s story features Liz Dunn, who could become the first woman to represent the U.S. […]

Quibi: free trial, price, exclusive shows and how to sign up

Quibi app links, compatible devices and how to sign upQuibi only works on mobile devices right now, so you can download it on all Apple devices compatible with iOS 11.0 or above (app link here). On Android, download the app here. You’ll be asked to create an account once you open the app, and after […]

What comes with the PS5? Here’s everything you get inside the box

We’ll have to wait and see how that translates to real-world testing, but for now it will suffice to say that those are some promising specs. We’ll be putting both the PS5 and Xbox Series X through their paces over the next few weeks and will have a full Xbox Series X and Xbox Series […]