Japan’s Shinzo Abe to visit Mar-a-Lago to discuss North Korea with Trump

Japan has said North Korea abducted at least 17 Japanese citizens in the 1970s and 1980s to train agents in Japanese language and culture to spy on South Korea. Pyongyang, after years of denials, acknowledged in 2002 abducting 13 Japanese. The North allowed five of them to visit Japan later that year — and they […]

North Korea’s Kim urges quick recovery from typhoon damage

During Tuesday’s meeting, Kim described the recovery efforts at Komdok a national priority to revive “important arteries of the national economy,” and ordered that the rebuilding of homes, roads and railways be completed by Oct. 10, when the ruling party celebrates the 75th anniversary of its founding.

U.S. Commander: North Korea Issued Order to Kill China Smugglers to Block Coronavirus

North Korea closed all its borders in January and its state media continues to insist that the tactic worked. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.), a U.N. agency with close ties to North Korean ally China, has defended North Korea’s claim. In August, when North Korea announced it had identified a potential coronavirus case in the […]

Trump Willing To Try Engagement With North Korea Regime: Seoul

“We hope the new government will correct the problems that we have encountered and take effective measures and positions as soon as possible to remove the obstacles that have been placed on the road to good relations between our two countries,” Wang said in comments in front of reporters.

North Korea military parade will ‘send a message’ to the world

North Korea scales down jingoism on 70th birthday North Korea turns 70 The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as the North is officially known, was proclaimed on September 9, 1948, three years after the former Soviet Union and the United State divided the peninsula between them in the closing days of World War II. The […]

North Korea massive military parade will ‘send a message’ to the world

‘Suggestive’ submarine launched missile test Satellite imagery of a North Korean shipyard last week showed activity suggestive of preparations for a test of a medium-range submarine-launched ballistic missile, the US Center for Strategic and International Studies reported last Friday.

North Korea’s military action against South likely “postponed, not canceled,” analysts warn

The North has a history of dialing up pressure against the South when it fails to get what it wants from the United States. The North’s recent steps came after months of frustration over Seoul’s unwillingness to defy U.S.-led sanctions and restart the inter-Korean economic projects that would breathe life into its broken economy.

Trump Becomes First Sitting American President to Step Into North Korea—a Win for Kim Jong Un

Making up for the debacle in Hanoi, Kim was able on the basis of his talk with Trump at the DMZ to look forward to new talks in which he is sure to go on demanding the deal he wants with the U.S. Trump came out of that extended conversation with Kim in Freedom House, […]

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Hails ‘Sacred Combat Mission,’ Gets Warm Words from World Leaders

The latest blow to North Korea comes amid a series of setbacks to Kim Jong Un’s five-year plan determined at the last national Korean Workers’ Party congress in 2016. Failure to reach a peace deal with the United States has left international sanctions against North Korea intact and the novel coronavirus pandemic has shocked the […]

Trump: ‘There is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea’

President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump-backed candidate wins NH GOP Senate primary to take on Shaheen Trump, supporters gather without masks in NC despite request from local GOP official Trump-backed candidate wins NH GOP primary to take on Pappas MORE declared on Wednesday that North Korea no longer poses a nuclear threat to the world, offering an […]