Sibelius: where to start with his music

Why his music still matters Although he was never regarded as an avant garde figure like his modernist contemporaries Stravinsky, Schoenberg and Bartók, Sibelius was a huge influence on many younger composers in the interwar years. In the UK, composers such as Vaughan Williams, Arnold Bax and EJ Moeran admired him for the originality and […]

Rethinking music, by percussionist Martin Grubinger

We should see that as an opportunity. If we think more in regional terms and say, “Forget the Asia tour, let’s play for the people in Tyrol, in the mountains, in Kärnten or Innsbrück. Let’s address the people directly and tell them: “You are the ones. It’s with your support that we are able to […]

Black Concert Promoters Want to Talk About Live Music’s Exclusion Problem

How will the BPC going about enacting that change?GG: Our short-term goal is to get the message out. We are contacting agents and artists and their teams. We are looking at using this hiatus period to [focus] attention and attack that problem head-on — contacting these artists’ managers, making strong offers for the artist. Oftentimes […]

New Records Drop Every Minute. But Back-Catalogs Are Driving The Music Industry’s Transformation

The majors’ management have posited for decades that, in order to have the best chance of building lucrative catalog for the future, one needs to speculate to accumulate, losing money on the majority of A&R bets in order to find the one golden goose — the Ed Sheeran, Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa or […]

J Hus, Stefflon Don and Dizzee Rascal: Rated awards celebrate black British music

Adenuga said she hoped the list of winners would inspire others “to keep pushing in the lanes they’re in. People gravitate to leaders and Black British music is steering the ship.” She called for more support for Black British culture and identity: “It is valuable and rich and should be treated as such.”

Best Coast Surprise-Release ‘Live at the World Cafe’ EP

Best Coast have released a surprise live EP titled Live at the World Cafe via Concord Records. The collection features some of the band’s earliest live renditions of songs from their newest album, Always Tomorrow, released in February 2020, as well as songs from 2015’s California Nights.

Music at Home: Songs for the Bath

Tom Waits, “Little Trip to Heaven (On the Wings of Your Love)”Closing Time, Waits’ 1973 debut, “Little Trip to Heaven” sounds best on a rainy evening, as you’re drawing the bath and humming to Delbert Bennett’s trumpet.

Denon celebrates its 110th birthday with powerful 8K AV receiver

The SACD Player has a Quad DAC configuration, which is built to “deliver superb channel separation,” and outstanding audio performance according to Denon. The player also has fully independent power supplies for digital and analog circuits to avoid interference or noise. These power supplies have several high-end parts around them, according to Denon, including different […]

An Investment Company Just Snapped Up 4,400 Hit Music Copyrights

“This has resulted in a very attractive catalogue that complements our existing acquisitions perfectly. Inherent within that endeavor is a proven team of 35 people operating at the height of their powers on what I call Song Creation, Song Administration and Song Management who are now going to be working hard on the Hipgnosis Songs […]

The 13 Best Things That Happened in Music This Week (September 11)

“I’ve worked hard to build a career that transcends cultures, borders and languages, and I created new business models that helped bring our music to the world. By making one of the biggest commitments to an artist in the history of Latin music, Universal Music and Sir Lucian are partners who value my legacy, my […]