Pandemic revs up race for US online car sales

coronavirus pandemic has put U.S. online car sellers on the map.Now comes a race to spend vast sums on digital commerce platforms specifically designed to handle auto sales. Without deep pockets, many startups and others trying to join the online game will likely be left in the dust.”The big three (auto) e-commerce players will grow […]

Lovelace – review

The film is based on this book, but its publicity material states more broadly that it is taken from her life story as well as that of Catherine MacKinnon, one of the feminist writers with whom Linda came to be associated in the 1980s. Oddly, however, the film does not dramatise Linda Marchiano’s association with […]

How white, black and brown students learn the language of racist bullying

It is clear that schools are not dealing with the problem effectively. ChildLine reports that the majority of children discussing racist abuse also talked of teachers who were either ineffective or simply ignored what they had been told. As a teacher, I cannot feign surprise. For many, racism appears only in a white/black dynamic. That […]

Lovelace: a feminism-free ‘feminist’ critique of the pornography industry

This week, at the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah, excited crowds filed into a theater for Lovelace, a new film about 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace, starring Amanda Seyfried and directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (both of The Times of Harvey Milk). A group of mostly Mormon protesters stood dourly outside […]

Stephen King’s House to Become Archive and Writers’ Retreat

UPDATE (10/18): Stephen King has shared more information about the archive and retreat on Facebook. “We are in the very beginning of planning the writers’ retreat at the house next door, providing housing for up to five writers in residence at a time,” he wrote. “The zoning change getting press coverage was the first step. We […]

Science fiction of the plague and why we need it

The recent global response to COVID-19, as well as the U.S. response, has brought many decisions under scrutiny. Selisker believes that “epidemiologists have been telling us to do new things for quite some time,” in the wake of SARS and Ebola. But what they have to say isn’t always “good news,” Selisker said, and “policy […]

Mr Modi, let a Dalit girl break the coconut at Ram temple

Mind you, my friend and his father (who too was an engineer in a government department) claimed the benefits of reservations meant for scheduled caste students and employees. They got their engineering seats in university and perhaps some benefits in their departmental promotions on account of the reservation policy in government service and employment rules, […]

‘My mother was ordered to leave the Netherlands. I cried non-stop’

She was also required to “cooperate with her return” in order to apply for a permit. “They asked us to buy flights to Chile, to watch a Dutch reality television programme about people living a good life in Chile,” she says. This process often scares people into dropping legal procedures, according to De Klerk. “They […]

Who are Forever Family? The secretive British protest group with uniforms, body armour, walkie-talkies and military-style drills who resemble the Black Panther movement in ‘battle against racism’

Who was Cecil Rhodes and why is he so controversial? Cecil Rhodes, pictured, who died in 1902, was the founder of the De Beers diamond company who was accused of exploiting his black miners. He was also a proponent of racial segregation which led to the Apartheid strategy in South Africa

US Rights Group Calls for Removal of Monuments of ‘White Supremacy’ in Virginia

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Public monuments in the US state of Virginia representing racism are inappropriate and must be removed, Chair of the Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project Ana Edwards told Sputnik. The monuments are located on Monument Avenue, which is an area in Richmond, Virginia that includes statues memorializing Virginians who were members of the Confederate Army during the Civil War such as Robert […]