MI9: The spy agency that inspired James Bond gadgets – including bagpipe flamethrower

The design was only revealed once the blanket had been dipped in a bucket of water containing certain chemicals smuggled in separately in jam pots or dried milk tins.

The best new design, from posters that clean the air to the youngest artist in the Tate collection

One LDF landmark project is the Hothouse, a greenhouse created by architects Studio Weave and planted by gardener Tom Massey. The exotic jungle within features tropical plants that will be able to be grow in the UK climate by 2050 if global warming and the climate crisis continues. There will also be a series of […]

Two UK-built nanosatellites the size of a shoebox will be launched into orbit this month to track global ship movements thanks to £6 million government grant

The ‘hoover’ on a mission to clear up space: CleanSpace One… Did space junk destroy a Russian satellite? Experts sound… British project launches MOBILE PHONE into orbit – and… UK to launch first-ever satellite controlled by a mobile…

Two of PC Andrew Harper’s killers launch appeal bids against manslaughter convictions

Mrs Harper went on: “We’ve had so much support from everyone, from members of the public. I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve had from people saying, ‘yes, this needs to happen’. I’ve had a lot of messages saying, ‘what can we do, how can we help? We support Harper’s Law’.

Boris Johnson says he wants EVERYBODY in the UK to be able to take a coronavirus test EVERYDAY to get life back to normal after Matt Hancock blasted people for needlessly booking checks

Each test is given a barcode which is individually assessed before returning back with the result. This must be done in a lab but these can be set up remotely, such as in the back of a van or at a pop-up testing site. The portable version of the LamPORE device is the same size […]

Selling Sunset: Is that really how homes are sold in LA?

Jonathan’s tips for selling your home the LA way Find the right agent with “a track record of selling similar properties”, and “trust their advice” Pricing is “everything” – people know when something’s too expensive “Staging is very important, candles are very important, flower arrangements are very important” Landscaping is also key. “Those that pay […]

Lavrov: UK Rejects Russia’s Demand on Granting Access to Skripal Case Docs

On Monday, May said that Russia was “highly likely” responsible for the suspected poisoning of Skripal. May said that the substance, used in the incident, was identified as a military-grade nerve agent from the so-called Novichok group developed in Russia. The UK delegation to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons also told the organization’s executive council that it was “highly likely” that […]

UK coronavirus cases soar by more than 3,000 in highest Sunday rise since May

The figures were revealed at a time when countries, such as Britain, China, Russia and the United States, are engaged in a race against time to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. ■

A global debt crisis is looming – how can we prevent it?

While the Covid-19 pandemic rages, more than 100 low- and middle-income countries will still have to pay a combined $130bn in debt service this year – around half of which is owed to private creditors. With much economic activity suspended and fiscal revenues in free fall, many countries will be forced to default. Others will […]