Victory in sight for the orange revolution

They had come in their tens of thousands, braving the first blast of winter and the icy political climate. But by late last night, animated by the buzz of victory in Ukraine’s electoral stand-off, the orange-tinted opposition was glowing with exhilaration as the rush of triumph coursed through the ranks massed in Kiev’s Independence Square.

Russian propaganda over Crimea and the Ukraine: how does it work?

Though there were nationalists and far-right nationalists among Kiev’s protesters, and there are some in the new interim government, there decidedly weren’t and aren’t many – if any – bona fide fascists. This line has been both taken up and debunked (thoroughly), but any discussion of fascists at all is a Kremlin win. If you’re […]

Despair in Luhansk as residents count the dead

Luhansk, a town of more than 400,000 inhabitants, has been the worst-hit city in east Ukraine during the recent conflict. Capital of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic, the city spent more than a month encircled by Ukrainian forces. As battles raged between local rebels, with Russian support, and the Ukrainian army and volunteer battalions, more […]

Russian central bank raises interest rate to 17% to prevent rouble’s collapse

Neil Barnett, of the Centre for Policy Studies, said: “The bad news for Russia is that the outlook for oil prices appears weaker and weaker. This week, the International Energy Agency cut its demand growth forecast. In combination with still-growing US production and Saudi determination to keep prices low, it means that prices next year […]

Donald Trump issues abusive statement against golf course opponent

Mrs Forbes yesterday applied to the court of session for an interim interdict, or injunction, after the council decided in September to grant Trump outline planning permission for all five parcels of land involved. She accuses the council of breaching planning and European law – charges rejected by Aberdeenshire and Trump.

Spain announces inquiry into alleged surveillance of citizens by NSA

Spain’s public prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday that it had launched a preliminary inquiry into the alleged widespread surveillance of Spanish citizens’ private phone calls and emails by the US National Security Agency, to determine whether it could be prosecuted under Spanish law.

Glenn Greenwald and Janine Gibson: 10 highlights from their Reddit AMA

What happens next varies. Sometimes they respond with redaction requests (and sometimes we agree and sometimes not). Sometimes just a statement. Sometimes we ask questions. Sometimes they answer. Much of the time, we’ve already made some decisions ourselves on redactions of obviously sensitive operational detail or people’s names etc.

NSA employee spied on nine women without detection, internal file shows

It also reveals limited disciplinary action taken against NSA staff found to have abused the system. In seven cases, individuals guilty of abusing their powers resigned or retired before disciplinary action could be taken. Two civilian employees kept their jobs – and, it appears, their security clearance – and escaped with only a written warning […]

South China Sea: Beijing calls US ‘troublemaker’ after criticism

Sparring between the two countries has escalated in recent weeks over the imposition of a national security law on Hong Kong, revelations of human rights violations in Xinjiang, and US pressure on its allies to exclude Chinese telecoms giant Huawei from their markets.

Let’s save Imo from irreparable damage

Having listened to the prayers of the defence counsel, Justice Ringim said: “I have considered the plights of the defendants, most particularly the financial and physical cost of travelling from Owerri in Imo State, to Abuja, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the lockdown persisted. I note the submissions of the counsel to […]