The best Mac games (September 2020)

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered gives the original game a visual overhaul, swapping out the 720p resolution for 4K, with assets redone so they’ll look gorgeous on your screen. It’s available as a $5 upgrade if you own the original version. Once you’ve beaten the main story, you can try out the New Game Plus […]

Meet the educator elevating Vietnam’s schools to next level

“The only forms of studying that interested me were learning via newspapers, virtual lessons, and field experiences. Such things deeply inspired me and helped me become aware of the importance of life-long learning and essential skills in the new era,” Duc said.

N-Power not solving Nigeria’s unemployment problem

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, unemployment rate rose steadily from 16.20 per cent in the second quarter, Q2, of 2017 to 23.13 per cent in the third quarter, Q3, of 2018. Going by the key indicators of rapid increase in unemployment rate, it is safe to admit that social programmes initiated by […]

5 Ways Kids Need Screens If You’re Not a Silicon Valley Exec

Regarding those Silicon Valley executives: My quibble is with those who espouse the purity of a technology-free home, not those who are concerned that we are drowning in screen time. I question how true the absence of technology is actually the case in the homes of many smart, savvy, families. If they don’t have a […]

Microsoft, Non-Profits and employer partners launch program to increase employability for people with disabilities in Asia Pacific

Narong Rattanasopa, The Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities, Thailand”Life with a disability in Thailand can be a daily struggle that can include discrimination. A person may not be able to access a place of learning or a place of work, therefore PwDs people are left to simply exist at home. Microsoft has supported us […]

Can New Education Policy boost tech adoption?

The new education policy emphasises on an experiential, integrated, student-focused, collaboration-based and analysis-driven pedagogy, aiming at holistic development of the child. Technology will play a huge role in achieving these objectives. To keep up with the digital transformation across the globe, educators and school principals must use technology as the key instrument to shape the […]

Three Trainers on How to Reduce Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety When You Return to Work

AA: “Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to resolving separation issues. It’s typically a long haul project, that requires you to be really diligent and patient with the dog. Some require that more than others. I will say that we are seeing a lot of separation issues now for three reasons. One, is because people […]

Jeevan Tiwari – Rising youngest digital entrepreneur

With his innovative ideas and efficient use of different digital marketing strategies, Jeevan is excelling in providing the best services to his clients. His services include bringing in unique ideas and digital strategies that can bring tremendous growth of his clients in the online presence in order to help them in increasing their brand awareness […]

Merry woke-mas, kids! John Lewis reveals its ‘top ten’ toys for Christmas 2020 – including a £130 recycled scooter, a book on climate change heroes and emotional intelligence playing cards

Monopoly Mega Edition Exclusive, £25.99: An alternative to the classic boardgame which has become even more popular during the coronavirus lockdown, the latest version has more buildings, properties and money and two new pieces to help players navigate around the board. The new pieces include a Speed Die which allows you to more extra spaces […]

Aotearoa in 20: A robotics engineer turned organic farmer

When I returned to New Zealand, I studied graduate diplomas in project management and production management at Ara Institute of Canterbury. As part of the course, I had to do an unpaid internship – I did mine at a company called Tait Communications, and ended up staying six months. I call it unpaid, but it […]