Is there life on Mars?

Spotting stromatolite-like layers in rocks will not, though, be enough on its own. Researchers will also need to consider the textures of the rocks concerned and the distribution within them of potentially telltale minerals and organic molecules. Confusingly, in chemistry-speak, an organic molecule is not necessarily of biological origin. The term just means that it […]

Nasa Mars rover launches to look for signs of life

The plan is for Nasa and the European Space Agency to launch a dune buggy in 2026 to fetch the rock samples, plus a rocket ship that will put the specimens into orbit around Mars. Then another spacecraft will capture the orbiting samples and bring them home.

UAE starts rush of missions to Mars looking for signs of life

Amal is set to reach Mars in February 2021, the year the UAE celebrates 50 years since the country’s formation. In September that year, Amal will start transmitting Martian atmospheric data, which will be made available to the international scientific community.

Nasa’s next Mars rover is brawniest and brainiest one yet

This Northern Hemisphere summer’s third and final mission to Mars – after the United Arab Emirates’ Hope orbiter and China’s Quest for Heavenly Truth orbiter-rover combo – begins with a launch scheduled for Thursday morning (Friday NZT) from Cape Canaveral.

Destiny 2 is getting rid of Mars, so it’s been rebuilt for Garry’s Mod

Quantum has recreated the Braytech Futurescape region, but the limitations of the Hammer Editor, specifically the brush count, made it impossible to add the entirety of Destiny 2’s Mars. They also had to cuts bits and pieces, and measurements were made by eyeballing the map rather than using exact numbers. 

Where’s Juan Carlos? Spain mulls former monarch’s future

A statement from Spain’s general prosecutor’s office in June said it was investigating whether Juan Carlos received millions of dollars in kickbacks from Saudi Arabia during the construction of a high-speed railway there by a Spanish consortium.

Desde sus azoteas, venezolanos en cuarentena comparten atardeceres a distancia

CARACAS, 13 mayo (Reuters) – Cuando Venezuela dispuso en marzo una cuarentena nacional para frenar al coronavirus, la abogada y agente de bienes raíces Berta López no estaba segura de cómo pasaría su tiempo, hasta que subió por casualidad a la azotea de su edificio.

Some Martian valleys may have formed under ancient ICE sheets on the red planet rather than being forged by rivers, geoscientists claim

In June 2013, Curiosity found powerful evidence that water good enough to drink once flowed on Mars. In September of the same year, the first scoop of soil analysed by Curiosity revealed that fine materials on the surface of the planet contain two per cent water by weight. 

Hanging ten! Amazing images show eight-year-old rescue dog Sugar SURFING in California

‘Everybody has soft boards – soft boards. What do I show up with? I show up with a rocket ship made of fibre glass. If we’re going to win this, we’re going to catch a bomb. That’s how you make these moments.

A radical regained

It is sad that so much of Bell’s painting of this period was destroyed when her London studio was bombed in 1940. Two surviving still lives – Iceland Poppies and Apples, 46 Gordon Square – show how her particular artistic depths of domesticity and quietude, her way of glimpsing outside scenes from inside vantage points, […]