Dictionary.com’s new definitions help create a better world

Language doesn’t just help us communicate, it is an important part of how we understand the world. The definitions that are given to words affect how we perceive them and popular phases show social attitudes and shape our understanding of the world. As social norms change, language needs to as well and the lexicographers at […]

He created a Hindi to English dictionary to pass IIT-JEE

Mahesh thought he had broken the language barrier, but college was tough. “Some of the foreign-educated professors spoke with a heavy accent. For the longest time, I didn’t know what ‘yeah’ means,” Mahesh laughs. He found a mentor in one of his professors, who came from a similar background, which instilled confidence. Over five years, […]

‘We pass around this slang like trading cards’: ‘Blindspotting’ star talks Bay Area dialects

One scene from “Blindspotting” includes a playful back-and-forth between Miles and a guy on the street as he tries to sell him a massive sailboat. Orenstein describes their exchange as “peppered with decidedly Oakland slang,” but also ponders a larger theme of the film, which asks “who should be able to use this slang, and […]

Wine’s diversity issue starts with the way we talk about the taste of wine

Understanding these tastes is more than an exercise in figuring out what you personally enjoy; it’s often requisite for getting ahead in the wine world. Most of the existing wine classes — the ones that many sommeliers need to advance in their careers — demand familiarity with this wine-flavor lexicon. Winery owners and winemakers need […]

Paris Hilton reckons with her legacy — and so should we

There is already plenty of debate happening about the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announcement this week that movies have to meet certain representation criteria in order to be eligible for the Academy Award for Best Picture beginning in 2024.

Artfeel: Woodlands photographer finds new meaning in past work

A self-taught photographer and artist, Vahlbruch has traveled all over the world photographing breathtaking landscapes and jaw-dropping vistas. She often prints her works at a 13-foot scale with the venues she chooses to display her works in being even taller than her works are wid e — a past show was once held at 6,683 […]