Merriam-Webster Dictionary Will Redefine Racism to Include ‘Systemic’ Oppression

“A couple weeks ago, I said this is the last argument I’m going to have about this,” continued Mitchum. “I know what racism is, I’ve experienced it time and time and time again in a lot of different ways, so enough is enough.”’s new definitions help create a better world

Language doesn’t just help us communicate, it is an important part of how we understand the world. The definitions that are given to words affect how we perceive them and popular phases show social attitudes and shape our understanding of the world. As social norms change, language needs to as well and the lexicographers at […]

Wine’s diversity issue starts with the way we talk about the taste of wine

It’s not surprising that French words dominate the American wine imagination; most of this country’s wine tradition is imported from France. But these terms carry considerable class baggage with them. Some of the most common wine descriptors refer specifically to food preparations from the annals of classical French gastronomy: pate de fruit (a jellied fruit […]

My seven favorite Windows 10 features

3. Multi-monitorI have always been a huge proponent of multi-monitor setups for productivity on the desktop. Years ago, that meant two 24-inch LCD displays, arranged side by side. Today, though, I have a different setup that works even better for me: A 38-inch Dell UltraSharp Curved Monitor, driven by a powerful laptop on the side, […]