Missing school? Check out these websites and learning resources to keep your mind ticking

1. Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA): DIKSHA hosts more than 80,000 curriculum-linked and curated content pieces in 15 languages. The wide range of educational material includes explanation videos, experiential content, activities, quizzes, interactive games, lesson plans and worksheets, all of which create an engaging learning experience.

BDU issues directive to begin online teaching

Of course, the students do require considerable time to adapt to online learning. In the long run, the onus is on parents to make sure that the students have the right gadgets and connectivity for accessing valuable learning materials and to pursue online courses, Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan, who is also SWAYAM Coordinator, contends.

Progressives, Employers Say DACA Migrants Are ‘Crucial’ for Fighting Coronavirus

Probably the two occupations that seem the most relevant to combating the Wuhan Virus are registered nurses and health technologists and technicians, which includes licensed practical nurses and jobs like pharmacy technicians.  The ACS shows that there are 3.3 million registered nurses working in the country and 3 million technologists and technicians, making DACA recipients […]

Ninth and tenth Victorian coronavirus deaths recorded

More than one thousand second and third year nursing students may be asked to take on part time roles in the state’s hospitals supporting qualified registered nurses in the collecting and interpretation of healthcare data, as well as gaining social, economic and psychological information from patients.

Connecticut could learn from Rhode Island employer-led centers

He explained, “The American labor market is remarkably opaque; job openings often linger unfilled as qualified candidates are kept at arms length by our national obsession with credentials and pedigrees. In 2017, in fact, there were 6.6 million open jobs – and 6.4 million Americans seeking employment. Most of [the backlog] has to do with […]

Towson University Education Major Schools Competition

But her favorite aspect of the show was that she got to represent TU. Before going to California, she picked out a TU sweatshirt that she could wear while playing. Since TU is a family tradition—both her parents are alumni—she was excited that she would get to leave a unique mark on the university.

Kerala Lockdown Day 16: Rs 20 meals at Janakiya hotels, daily parcel services by Railways

Poor and needy patients undergoing treatment at the Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvanthapuram will be supplied medicines free of cost at their respective homes, RCC director informed. State Youth Commission and the Fire and Rescue Department have volunteered to undertake the task. Those in need of medicines will have to contact the State Youth Commission […]

Transcript: Dr. David Agus speaks with Michael Morell on “Intelligence Matters”

So it’s the rhythmic contraction of the muscles in your legs when you walk that actually make your body work. So walk around. Whether it be your apartment or your house. If you can, find a time to get outside and just take a small walk, whether it be a backyard, or just around the […]

Giants Splash: Old-school baseball rides again as SF nostalgia rules airwaves

Whenever the Giants return to contention, odds are they will arrive in different modes of transit, fueled not just by the theories and calculations that have begun to serve modern baseball well, but also the knowledge acquired over the decades by those who played the game and graduated into coaching and front-office leadership.

Hà Nội earmarks $28.2m for the poor amid COVID-19 pandemic

Speaking at an online meeting with city leaders on Monday to discuss the city’s socio-economic development and response to COVID-19, Nguyễn Mạnh Quyền, director of the city’s Planning and Investment Department, said the COVID-19 pandemic had impacted all aspects of life in the city.