The world’s largest digital camera could unlock mysteries of the universe

The focal plane took six months to assemble. Each grid of nine sensors is called a scientific raft, and 25 rafts had to be fitted into their spots along the grid. The sensors can easily crack if they come in contact with each other, and they only have a tiny gap between rafts — less […]

First 3,200-Megapixel Image Taken by Sensors for ‘World Largest Digital Camera’ Would Take Over 300 4K TVs to Display in Full Size

For the duration of the 10-year project, the finished camera will collect images of about 20 billion galaxies. The final product will be designed so the sensors will be able to spot objects that are “100 million times dimmer than those visible to the naked eye.”

World’s largest digital camera snaps first 3200MP photo

The large-sized ultra-high resolution pictures could be captured due to 189 individual sensors spread over a two-foot wide focal plane that dwarfs a standard camera’s 1.4-inch-wide imaging sensor. Each of the sensors bring 16 megapixels to the table – about the same number as the imaging sensors of most modern digital cameras.

The world’s largest digital camera has taken the first 3,200 megapixel photo

Big Data Azure Synapse Analytics: A progress report 5 reasons AI isn’t being adopted at your organization (and how to fix it) InfluxData becomes the embedded IoT database for PTC, adds Azure support How MIT and IBM are fighting COVID-19 with AI (ZDNet YouTube) Google collects a frightening amount of data about you. You can […]

Sony teases ‘new concept’ Alpha series camera set to launch next week

Sony’s Alpha series encompasses the popular A7 line of full-frame models aimed at professionals and serious pros, as well as the sports-focused A9 line and the more budget-friendly ASP-C series, the A6000. The “new concept” suggests the upcoming gear is outside the norm of the existing options, though how far outside that norm is unclear.

‘Boost digital infra in UP primary schools with community help’

Amid the Covid pandemic which had hit classroom studies, the state government has ordered district magistrates and basic education department officials to explore options of community participation in dealing with the lack of requisite digital infrastructure at most of the 1.60 lakh government-run primary and upper primary schools in Uttar Pradesh.

3,200-megapixel camera of the future Vera Rubin Observatory snaps record-breaking 1st photos

The rafts were built at the DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York and then transported to SLAC. In January 2020, the SLAC team finished slotting the 21 sensor-bearing rafts, plus another four specialty rafts not used for imaging, into their assigned places in the focal-plane grid, an exacting and nerve-wracking process that took about […]

The bizarre Canon Powershot Zoom looks like the future of compact cameras

First shown off as a concept in 2019, the Powershot Zoom is a monocular-style camera that puts a 400mm telephoto lens in your pocket, with digital zoom stretching that even further to an 800mm equivalent focal length. This could make it a very handy little companion for both watching and taking snaps at sports events […]

NSO report shows stark digital divide affects education

Schools across the country have now been closed for six months due to COVID-19, but this means vastly different things for different people. For the child in urban Himachal Pradesh, where Internet penetration is higher than 70%, it likely means online schooling, Zoom classes and digital textbooks. For the child in rural Odisha, where less […]

The best home security cameras to buy in 2020: Arlo, Google Nest and more

Fortunately, I’ve tested out dozens of cameras and condensed everything I’ve learned into the list below. These are the best home security cameras in every major sub-category, from smart doorbells to the models that work well with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri voice commands — and beyond. Some are relatively low-maintenance, with a motion sensor […]