Nikon Z 5 Review: Full-frame but too slow

That turns out to be the culprit of why the Z 5’s autofocus struggled indoors. Even in a room with windows on three of the walls, the Z 5 was slow to focus. In dim light, the camera would often take two to even five seconds before locking onto the subject and occasionally failing to […]

‘A climate change-scale problem’: how the internet is destroying us

But it doesn’t have to be that way – “we can design a better internet,” he said. The US could enact stricter laws around privacy on social media; companies could reorient to deeper connections with fewer people rather than encouraging unlimited reach that collapses context and a sense of scale. We could tax data collection; […]

Is As Distanced As Its Subject

The other four monologues are all flat by comparison. Dan Levy appears as an actor auditioning to be a gay superhero, worried that the producers want a kind of flamboyant minstrelsy; Issa Rae is an insulted high-school not-quite-chum of Ivanka’s (“She’s Dracula with a blowout!”); Sarah Paulson plays a meditation guru who admits she can’t […]

The Best Galaxy S20 Deals (and Which Model to Pick)

Galaxy Z Flip ($1,380+) is for early adopters: I spent 24 hours with Samsung’s newest foldable phone, and I didn’t want to give it up. The clamshell style has grown on me, but it’s not going to make you more productive or anything like that. It purely saves a little more space in your pocket, […]

AI and automation vs. the COVID-19 pandemic: Trading liberty for safety

Exposure notification APIs developed by Google and Apple for the Android and iOS operating systems which comprise the vast majority have been utilized, with varying degrees of success, while also causing some friction. The claim was that no location data would be collected. However it has been argued that Google still asked for location data […]

The Lucid Air is a luxury electric sedan with the speed and power to rival Tesla

Lucid will obviously compete with the Model S. But to hear Rawlinson say it, Tesla is not the company’s primary target. The Lucid Air is for “someone who has an S-Class Mercedes who says: ‘Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have been that interested in electric. Tesla has piqued my interest, I love what Tesla is […]

First, iPhone SE killed Android: What budget products will Apple unleash next?

The company has already engaged with the bundling of CBS All Access and Showtime for $9.99 a month for Apple TV+ subscribers, so it makes perfect sense that Apple will do it with its own services. All indications are it’ll likely launch alongside the iPhone in October or November of this year. But for the […]

Google has more in store for affordable phones with Android 11 (Go edition)

A day after making Android 11 operating system official, Google has now also introduced the toned-down version of the same with the launch of Android 11 (Go edition). In its blog post announcing the new features of Android 11 (Go edition), Google has also said that this edition will be available on all new devices […]

Toshiba announces QLED 4K TVs

Japanese brand Toshiba has announced its range of QLED, Full Array UHD, and smart televisions in India. The range would be launched on September 18 on Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital and TataCliQ. As an introductory offer, Toshiba will be offering a 4-year panel warranty on its entire range of 4K televisions for the first 4 […]

Panasonic introduces AI-enabled refrigerators in India

Consumer durables brand Panasonic has expanded its product portfolio in India with the launch of AI-enabled refrigerators. The new range of refrigerators come with features like intelligent door sensors, intelligent light sensors, intelligent temperature sensors, AG clean technology and jumbo storage. Using the Econavi sensor, the refrigerators can analyze the door usage pattern to adjust […]