The world’s largest digital camera could unlock mysteries of the universe

“It’s a milestone that brings us a big step closer to exploring fundamental questions about the universe in ways we haven’t been able to before,” said said JoAnne Hewett, SLAC’s chief research officer and associate lab director for fundamental physics, in a statement.

First 3,200-Megapixel Image Taken by Sensors for ‘World Largest Digital Camera’ Would Take Over 300 4K TVs to Display in Full Size

“The data will improve our knowledge of how galaxies have evolved over time and will let us test our models of dark matter and dark energy more deeply and precisely than ever. The observatory will be… for a broad range of science—from detailed studies of our solar system to… faraway objects toward the edge of […]

World’s largest digital camera snaps first 3200MP photo

The large-sized ultra-high resolution pictures could be captured due to 189 individual sensors spread over a two-foot wide focal plane that dwarfs a standard camera’s 1.4-inch-wide imaging sensor. Each of the sensors bring 16 megapixels to the table – about the same number as the imaging sensors of most modern digital cameras.

The world’s largest digital camera has taken the first 3,200 megapixel photo

The LSST camera team still need to integrate lenses, a shutter and a filter exchange system. It will include what’s thought to be world’s largest optical lens. The primary lens measures 1.57 meters (5.1 feet) in diameter, while a second has a diameter of 1.2 meters, and a third is 72 centimeters in diameter. 

Sony teases ‘new concept’ Alpha series camera set to launch next week

Sony has proven to be a camera brand that’s not afraid to experiment and push ahead on new innovations. The initiator of the full-frame mirrorless craze, as well as innovations like stacked sensors and class-leading autofocus tracking technology, Sony was the first to launch several features that are now becoming widespread.

Keith Arnatt is proof that the art world doesn’t consider photography ‘real’ art

It is tempting to view him as someone whose career shows how photography is perceived in the art world – the British art world in particular – with a suspicion that it is not real art. And, if Arnatt is to be (re)valued as he should be, it might be pertinent to view his life’s […]

Dancers, dreamers and cat killers: Appalachian kids captured by $10 cameras

Another young boy, Freddy Childers, initially struggled to express himself through the camera but, after a few lessons in composition from Ewald, presented her with two revealing family portraits. In one, he poses smiling with his older brother, Homer, in their house in Kingdom Come Creek, the dirt on their clothes echoed by the grime […]

Samsung Galaxy M51’s new camera tech demolishes Mo-B in the #MeanestMonsterEver challenge: Galaxy M51 3: Mo-B 0

In the last few days, social media has been abuzz with updates about the #MeanestMonsterEver battle between monster Mo-B and the Samsung Galaxy M51. The first two rounds of face-off saw the latest star from the Samsung stable annihilating Mo-B, the self-proclaimed monster, hands down and giving it a run for its bucks. While netizens […]

Best Sony lenses 2020: 16 top lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras

Unlike most up-market zoom lenses for DSLRs, this one has a widest available aperture of f/4 rather than f/2.8, which helps to make its size and weight a better match for the comparatively small A7 series bodies. As with most Zeiss-badged optics, the physical design looks minimalist, without any switches for auto/manual focus modes or […]

Cackling seals and VERY frisky monkeys among hilarious finalists in the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

Monkey business You must be having a laugh You seek, I’ll hide I’ve got you babe Photo bombed Strike a pose What a year! Get out! Innovative Swing Eye see you She’s a real lady Wakey wakey! Lazy day I’ve got the power! Scratch your itch Look, let’s make a deal Kings of gossip Selfie […]