Heartwarming moment little girl’s friends and family drive past her house in a surprise parade after her fourth birthday party was cancelled due to coronavirus

Christine said she hopes the moment encourages others to ‘make the best out of any situation,’ as Ella had become devastated when she discovered her birthday party at a bowling alley needed to be canceled.

How people of Arunachal Pradesh’s Vijaynagar have lived in lockdown for 60 years

A quiet placeSurrounded by Myanmar on three sides, Vijaynagar is the remote end of Changlang district in Arunachal Pradesh. An impregnable protected forest called the Namdapha National Park, inhabited by wild animals, surrounds it. The story goes that in the early 1960s, India received alarming reports of Chinese ingression into Arunachal. It was decided that […]

What will Pluto mission discover?

Because of the four-and-a-half-hour delay in getting a signal to Pluto, the probe’s instructions have been pre-programmed. Once in range of its target, the spacecraft will begin an automated sequence of measurements that have been carefully choreographed. According to Nasa’s director of planetary science Jim Green, the spacecraft will only have one opportunity to gather […]

Marvel’s X-Men/Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom Deploys His Doom Sentinels

The argument ends with Franklin taking off with Kitty Pryde, the Fantastic Four infiltrating Krakoa, and everyone ending up on Doom Island, which us under Doctor Doom’s control. The X-Men sense mutants in the area, but Doom forbids them from making contact. They soon discover that mutants who tried to escape were forced to become […]

Netflix to continue ‘Stranger Things’ production in Georgia till the abortion law gets implemented

If you love movies, you’ll treasure Hooq that hosts over 10,000 movies and TV series, and allows you unlimited entertainment on up to five devices. The content includes Hollywood blockbusters, local box office hits and TV series same day as US telecast. If mobile is your primary platform for entertainment, you can choose to rent […]

New April releases on Netflix: ‘Money Heist’ season 4, Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction’, and more

After losing her waitressing job, Katie Franklin takes a job as a caretaker to a wealthy elderly man in his sprawling, empty Chicago estate. The two grow close, but when he unexpectedly passes away and names Katie as his sole heir, she and her husband Adam are pulled into a complex web of lies, deception, […]

Introducing the soaring melodies of Azure Ryder

“I went through a process of everyone being like, ‘Try these different producers, get them to give it something more,’ but I realised that song was meant to just be the way it is, and anything placed on top of it detracted from that.”

‘Liz is in the house!’ Snapshot of the Queen calling Boris Johnson for their weekly meeting is turned into hilarious memes including one with Lionel Richie’s Hello

It is believed to travel in the saliva and even through water in the eyes, therefore close contact, kissing, and sharing cutlery or utensils are all risky. It can also live on surfaces, such as plastic and steel, for up to 72 hours, meaning people can catch it by touching contaminated surfaces.

‘The Good Doctor’: Two Cast Members Leaving Before Season 4

Melendez looked like he made it through the earthquake unscathed, but he suddenly vomited and collapsed during an aftershock at the very end of last week’s episode. In Monday’s episode “I Love You,” Dr. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) and Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) discovered he had internal injuries. Although he could have surgery, there […]

A Bad Breakup and Her Sister’s Death Inspire Kalie Shorr to Record Her Daring Debut

“There’s a lot of value in a concert where you can go and drink a beer and forget about your problems for two hours,” she says. “Then sometimes you need to go to a concert for two hours, and it makes you really rethink your life and why you’re here and feel connected to other […]