Poor quality of governance remains a huge problem – Obiora Okonkwo

I have read a lot of articles which dealt with these issues very deeply and, to a very large extent, I concur with some of the opinions expressed. Since the history of the creation of the state, we’ve not had a governor from the northern zone. It is also known that it is one of […]

The 30 best comedies to watch on Netflix right now

There’s Five, who is a 58-year-old man trapped in a 15-year-old’s body, Klaus, who can hardly get through the day with out saying something to annoy one of his siblings, to various other moments of comedy gold.

Daughters of the bomb: my reckoning with Hiroshima, 75 years later

I keep a red file folder, its edges faded from nearly three decades of exposure to dust and light. Inside, the title words I typed in 1991: “The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima.” It is the first research paper I ever wrote. Tucked inside of the folder’s front flap are three stapled index cards, each with […]

The masked duchess! Kate Middleton is seen wearing a face protector for the first time as she helps unpack donations at a baby bank in Sheffield in £15 cotton covering from Amaia

Speaking after the visit, Baby Basics CEO Cat Ross said: ‘Having her visit and seeing the work we do has been just amazing. It will really help people to hear and know about Baby Basics and the work we do. A lot of people have heard about food banks but don’t necessarily know about the […]


Currently, the carrier serves eight flights a day to Phuket/Chiang Mai, three flights a day to Chiang Rai, two flights a day to Udon Thani/ Krabi/ Hat Yai/ Khon Kaen in which the flight frequency for Suvarnabhumi – Hat Yai service will be increased to three flights a day from August 15, 2020. The airline […]

Sardar Patel, a shared inheritance

Serving the nation through that party representing ‘the whole nation’ and its various communities, strengthening that party at its plural grassroots, shaping the resolutions and decisions of its Working Committee and helping it form ministries in eight of the 11 provinces in the elections of 1936-37, Patel then guided it as it took over the […]

Mahatma Gandhi 150th birth anniversary: Recovering Gandhi’s religious vision

Given the inescapability of deep religious diversity, he argued, “the need of the moment is not one religion for the whole of human kind, but mutual respect, equal regard and tolerance of the devotees of different religions.” This moral-practical attitude of equal regard for all religions is entailed by an epistemic grasp of the deeper, […]

Mutual Benefits grows GWP by 18 per cent

Ogunbiyi said that the company could meet the recapitalisation mandate before the end of the year, adding: “On the regulatory front, after the successful recapitalization of our life subsidiary, we are taking active steps to complete the recapitalization of the parent company before the stipulated deadline. We want to assure our shareholders that this is […]

Netflix Takes Amy Adams’ Troubled Thriller The Woman in the Window Off Disney’s Hands

Netflix is set to make another big movie acquisition. The streaming service is finalizing a deal that will see The Woman in the Window, the long-gestating thriller starring Amy Adams, moving from Disney’s 20th Century Studios to a living room near you. Netflix is negotiating a global rights deal, which means the high-profile feature will […]

Palestinian president sponsors mass wedding for 360 bribes, grooms in Gaza

The mass wedding was held at one of the local resorts on the seaside of Gaza. A large hall was ornamented with Palestinian flags and big posters of President Abbas and late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat were hung on the walls.