A quote that should give us all pause for thought

Imagine turning that around, imagine Māori, who in times past were beaten for speaking their language at school, said the same about English, what the reaction would be. The bloody Soweto riots of 1976 were sparked by young Black South Africans protesting against having Afrikaans imposed as a medium of instruction. Language is a purveyor […]

The Myth of the Central Park Five

But the differences are also pronounced. The arrests were far from indiscriminate: Thirty-seven young men were interviewed regarding the attacks in the park; 12 were arrested, with 10 charged as adults; five went to trial for the rape of the jogger. Antron McCray, who had been accused of “the murder” by two boys, appeared at […]

C. Radhakrishna Rao, a living legend

“I did not learn much from the courses” during the training programme, Dr. Rao said. However, he came into contact with three well-known statisticians, Raj Chandra Bose, Samarendra Nath Roy and Keshvan Raghvan Nair, who were all working in the ISI, but did not participate in teaching. Within three months of joining the ISI, Dr. […]