Sridevi dies after cardiac arrest in Dubai, autopsy complete, body to be flown to India tomorrow: Updates

5.50 pm: 16 Vayathinile/Solva Sawan director Bharathiraaja introduced Sridevi to Hindi cinema and worked with her on some spectacular Tamil films. He shared, “We can bear some losses but not all. This is not just for me but for people of Tamil Nadu and of India, this is a huge loss. She ruled the industry […]

Glee star Naya Rivera, 33, put her arm in the air and yelled to her son, four, for help before she died by accidental drowning, autopsy reveals

Ann, who admitted her son began using drugs again in December 2012, seven months before his death, said: ‘He wasn’t ready for the Hollywood world. Drugs were his way of checking out’. After his death, she said: ‘I still can’t pick up the pieces. My world totally stopped. And I’m a different person than I […]

Healthy diet, exercise key to keeping your stroke risk low, say experts

Stop smoking: “Addiction to tobacco and alcohol are the most important risk factors that need to be identified and controlled,” says Dr Mahajan. According to a 2010 study, cigarette smoking is a well-established risk factor for all forms of stroke. Some of the chemicals present in a cigarette can damage blood vessel walls leading to […]

5 Healthy Foods That Help Fight Fat

In a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, six-week research was conducted on 44 adults, out of which some were given fish oil supplements and others were given a placebo. The results of the study showed that those who took fish oil supplements lost an average of 0.5 kilograms […]

Count those calories to regulate body temperature, promote healthy lifestyle

“The data we collected showed that temperature has an equal or greater effect than nutrients on metabolism during calorie restriction,” Conti says. Notably, the team provided the first comprehensive profiling of the metabolites that are changed by temperature reduction.Through a computing analysis of results from both groups of mice, the scientists were able to prioritize […]

Almonds may help promote heart health, says study

The finding was part of the ATTIS study, a 6-week randomised control, parallel-arm trial, where participants with above average cardiovascular disease risk consumed a daily snack of almonds or a calorie-matched control snack providing 20 per cent of each participants’ estimated daily energy needs.

Pictured: British grandfather, 84, who died from Covid-19 having caught it in December – three days before Beijing reported the outbreak to WHO

Critics claim: However, mounting evidence suggests that the virus may have actually started spreading in Wuhan as early as October. Satellite photos at Hubei Women and Children’s Hospital’s car park show 383 cars in October 2018. One year later, 714 cars can be spotted in the same hospital car park in Wuhan, fuelling claims that the virus […]

Trees that live fast die young: Increasing levels of carbon dioxide due to global warming reduce the lifespan of trees by causing them to grow more quickly, study shows

‘Our findings, very much like the story of the tortoise and the hare, indicate that there are traits within the fastest growing trees that make them vulnerable, whereas slower growing trees have traits that allow them to persist,’ said study author Dr Steve Voelker from the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology, New York.

Adults with Covid-19 about ‘twice as likely’ to say they have dined at a restaurant, CDC study suggests

“Reports of exposures in restaurants have been linked to air circulation. Direction, ventilation, and intensity of airflow might affect virus transmission, even if social distancing measures and mask use are implemented according to current guidance,” the researchers wrote.

Gossiping is good for health, helps build deeper bonds. Studies show how

Though there have been significant social consequences of gossiping, most have a positive aspect to them, regardless of the stigma associated with them. A 2019 meta-analysis published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, shows that of the 52 minutes a day on average the 467 subjects spent gossiping, three-quarters of that gossip was […]