Failed auditions and sozzled stars – The Dirty Dancing Story didn’t disappoint

And I was stunned by Sarah Harding’s giggles as she recalled the Hula Hana number performed by Baby’s sister Lisa (Jane Brucker): “She just can’t sing can she? Bless her.” (So tempted right now to send Jane some DVDs of Sarah’s acting in Corrie.)

Barr: The left ‘believes in tearing down the system’

Asked about the recent hearing, Barr said that Democrats’ accusations against him were a reflection of how partisan politics have become in recent decades. He zeroed in on Democrats, alleging that the party has “withdrawn and pulled away from the umbrella of classical liberal values that have undergirded our society since our founding.”

Netflix’s World’s Most Wanted: true crime docu-series leaves fans in shock

Although episodes two and three had plenty on the edge of their seat, others were transfixed by the first instalment in the season. “Just finished the first episode of #WorldsMostWanted on @Netflix I’m in shock and in awe at what Mayo has accomplished but at the same time [expletive].” While another posted a shocked-faced gif, […]

Former videographer of terrorist group sentenced to 7 years in prison: Uzbek court

The report did not give other details such as when the sentencing was handed over. However, it said Rajabov got a shorter jail term due to the fact that he never fought with firearms and never joined militant groups after his escape from Afghanistan. Enditem

10 Short Films Not to Miss at Locarno Film Festival

Backed by the U.K.’s prestigious National Film and Television School, “Oh Black Hole!” is perhaps the section’s most dramatic short, featuring both 2D hand-drawn and stop motion animation techniques, an operatic score, fantastic creatures and a woman who, unable to endure the passing of time, turns herself into a black hole. Thousands of years later, […]

David Crosby Remembers Jerry Garcia: ‘He Did Not Play for Money — He Was Chasing the Notes’

Fans are fascinated by the interaction between the Grateful Dead and Crosby, Stills and Nash individually and collectively, especially over a period of a few crucial years. It’s almost like when people talk about comic book superheroes and their shared cinematic universes, like this universe where you guys are different superheroes who occasionally come in […]

From Netflix to Amazon Prime, our lowdown on which telly streaming services are best for lockdown

Is it for you?: Millennials, Generation X and Boomers can all find favourites from their childhood, with titles such as Mrs Doubtfire, Bedknobs And Broomsticks and The Jungle Book.

How Poppy Northcutt cracked NASA’s boys’ club and became a feminist icon

Even her promotion to engineer vexed the system. “The pay raise was so high, they didn’t have the mechanism to approve that, and I was still being underpaid,” she says. “The operations manager said he was going to make sure to schedule the highest possible raise as frequently as he could to try to get […]

The amputee who helps other amputees scale mountains

I think the physical conditioning was the hardest. Getting them to do the physical training was sometimes like herding cows. I had those that were very diligent and a few that frustrated me to no end. They had no clue what it would take physically to be prepared.

What Karina Longworth Can’t Live Without

I’m a really big Dodgers fan — our season didn’t end so well. Basically between March and October of every year, I’m following baseball pretty much constantly. I travel a lot, and spend a lot of time in Europe, so with this app, I can watch Dodgers games on my iPad in my hotel room […]