Exclusive: Claire Williams will keep battling to upset F1’s male-dominated world

She might be the most prominent woman in Formula One, but Claire Williams is accustomed to feeling like the odd one out. At times, there can be as much testosterone sloshing around this sport as petrol. “Too many dudes,” as Lewis Hamilton once pithily put it.

Google’s biggest Android update of 2020 is not rolling out in India yet

The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system Android 11 is not rolling out to Pixel smartphones in India. According to a report in Android Central, the Android 11 stable update is now available for all Pixels, but the OTA (over the air) update is not available in India at this moment. As per the […]

Wealth Report: London, Not New York, Is World’s Greatest City

Like London, Miller said New York was experiencing a surge in interest from foreign investors. In 28 years of real estate appraisals, he said the property market had only seen a similar explosion in foreign interest in 2007. “In the last three years, there’s been a tremendous amount of European, Chinese and South American investors—Venezuelans […]

Meet the Female Soviet Spy Who Could Have Killed Hitler and Prevented the Second World War

Ursula Kuczynski, code-named Sonya, could have “transformed world history” if Joseph Stalin hadn’t changed his mind about killing the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, claims writer Ben Macintyre in his new book “Agent Sonya”, excerpts of which have been published in the Times newspaper.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Hails ‘Sacred Combat Mission,’ Gets Warm Words from World Leaders

“That would be a very messy war, a very bad war. Many millions of people would be killed,” he added. “In the meantime, we’ve gotten along with them. We didn’t get to war. Everyone said that if I was elected, I’d be at war in one week; it’s been just the opposite.”

Palestinians Regroup, Tell Arab World Not to Deal with Israel Before Peace

Proceeding forward without resolving the issue of the occupied territories “only serves the current extremist and ideological administrations in the U.S. and Israel, who seek to consolidate a system of Apartheid in Palestine while relieving the occupying power, Israel, of the burden of paying the cost of its occupation and assuming its responsibilities,” Erekat said.

U.S. Has Officially Withdrawn From the World Health Organization

Since the United Nations founded the WHO in 1948, the agency has become the global leader in responding to health emergencies around the world and currently recognizes 194 member states. When the coronavirus pandemic began spreading from its origin in Wuhan, China, to other parts of the world earlier this year, the WHO began compiling […]

Kim Wall Trial Update: Peter Madsen Says Dismembering Body On Submarine Was Too ‘Horrible’ to Describe

The prosecutor showed the court one of the gruesome videos found on Madsen’s hard drive. The two minute animated video showed a man slicing a woman’s throat several times before beheading her. Another video was only shown to the judge, the one he allegedly watched the night before meeting Wall after searching “beheading, girl, agony” […]

Walt Disney World To Cut Theme Park Hours Starting September

Since closing down parks in March, Disney reported a $3.5 billion hit to its theme parks division. While the United States’ Disney theme parks are either out of commission, as Anaheim’s Disneyland still remains closed, or at limited capacity, some in Asia and Europe are up and operating. Shanghai Disney re-opened in May and Disneyland […]

Book World: In ‘Not a Novel,’ Jenny Erpenbeck continues to evolve

“Not a Novel” cannot claim to be a coherent whole. Nevertheless, its pig-in-a-python ungainliness contributes to the fascination. Variety proves its own reward, since in every guise this artist makes virtuosic adjustments, changes of tone or rhetoric. A couple of essays salute Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” as an essential resource, “a living thing … that … meets […]