Kellyanne Conway Touts Donald Trump’s 500 Days of ‘American Greatness,’ Bashes Obama and Clinton

Trump has signed major tax cuts, confirmed a conservative Supreme Court justice and has taken a hard line approach to illegal immigration, reversing some of Obama’s work. Meanwhile, he has failed to advance an infrastructure plan and, while the economy is doing well, the national debt has also increased under his watch.

Donald Trump rips Steve Jobs’ widow for ‘wasting money he left her on a failing Radical Left Magazine’ by co-owning The Atlantic – which ran bombshell report claiming he called dead troops ‘suckers’

‘I was actually there and one of the people part of the discussion – this never happened. I have sat in the room when our President called family members after their sons were killed in action and it was heart-wrenching … I am disgusted by this false attack.’

Mary Trump Book Review: In The Chaos Of Donald Trump’s Presidency, Will His Niece’s Tell-All Matter?

The book draws on her experience as a clinical psychologist, as she gives a full rundown of the dynamics at work in the family that made Donald Trump who he is. The title — Too Much and Never Enough — is perhaps apt for this moment, as the president dominates each news cycle yet is […]

Donald Trump, In Mount Rushmore Speech, Tries To Set Off New Fireworks In Divisive Culture Wars

That was apparent hours before his visit, demonstrators blocked a road that led into the national monument, before authorities removed them. According to the Associated Press, police used pepper spray on several protesters. The demonstrators included Native Americans who long have claimed the land in the Black Hills. Four decades ago, the Supreme Court ruled […]

How Far Will Donald Trump Go to Win?

On paper, Biden enters the final leg of this endless campaign in possibly the strongest position of any challenger in modern times. His opponent has never once hit the 50-percent mark in Gallup’s presidential-approval ratings. On Trump’s watch, in a matter of months, Covid-19 vaporized the national GDP by a staggering 33 percent and took […]

‘More information is coming’: Atlantic editor-in-chief warns of more damaging revelations for Trump as he says he is ‘not going to be intimidated by the president’ – but VA secretary says Trump didn’t call dead soldiers ‘losers’

Trump was meant to join John Kelly in paying his respects to Kelly’s son’s grave and comfort the families of other fallen service members in Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day, 2017 (above). However, Trump reportedly turned to Kelly and said: ‘I don’t get it. What’s in it for them?’

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s errant views on voting, Biden miscues

Gov. Tony Evers, D-Wis., activated the state’s National Guard the day after a Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake, sparking protests and violence over police actions and racism. When National Guard forces from three other states came in to help, it was because the governor had asked for that help from fellow governors, not the […]

Trump claims environmental progress, but he’s weakened rules

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump is out to claim the mantle of environmental steward on Tuesday as he highlights conservation and restoration projects in Florida. But his administration has overturned or weakened numerous regulations meant to protect air and water quality and lands essential for imperiled species.

Twitter explodes over Trump Nobel Peace Prize nomination: ‘This is going to be glorious’

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) September 9, 2020Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by far-right anti-immigration nut job Christian Tybring-Gjedde is like getting a letter of recommendation to be a firefighter by a pyromaniac or like, you know, being endorsed for President by Osama Bin Laden’s niece Noor Bin Laden.

‘Clear and inescapable’: The choice between Trump and Biden

In her imagined letter from an Obama-Biden administration ambassador to the Democratic nominee, Noonan likens him to George H.W. Bush in dealing with an implicitly unjust allegation that he is not “strong.” She commends Biden for being strong in his condemnation of Trump, “that malignancy metastasizing in the Oval” (an uncharacteristically ungracious reflection — no […]