EXCLUSIVE: Artist who was hired by Jeffrey Epstein to paint naked portraits of his underage victims reveals how Donald Trump ogled her and had to be ushered to another room, as pedophile said: ‘No, no, no, she’s not here for you’

She added: ‘The Survival Sisters want me to live and I’m going to make sure I do. I can feel their love, it’s so amazing, people are also giving a few dollars in donations, despite the times we’re living in, I’m overwhelmed by their generosity.’

Skipping a mask, Trump says he’s ‘met the moment’ on testing

Trump on Monday addressed a Rose Garden audience filled with mask-wearing administration officials, some appearing publicly with face coverings for the first time during the outbreak, after two aides tested positive for COVID-19 late last week. The startling sight served only to further highlight the challenge the president faces in instilling confidence in a nation […]

After Trump’s Declaration, Gov. Newsom Says He’s ‘Days Away’ From Guidelines On Reopening Churches

Pastors in other states, however, have already begun outlining plans to welcome back worshippers in person before the month’s end. Florida’s Rodney Howard-Browne – arrested in March for holding a large in-person service at his church, charges that were later dropped – is preparing to reopen with an outdoor service on Pentecost. Catholic and Lutheran […]

Trump Put 200 People On Recovery Panel—Just 20 Are Women And Seven Are Black

A similar situation played out last month. As the president publicly championed re-opening the country on an Easter timeline, some GOP governors were quick to dismiss the idea and simply moved on. Trump, instead, leaned on former foes for help in keeping the economy afloat. The Federal Reserve, run by a chairman the president has […]

Trump Refuses to Condemn Coronavirus Lockdown Protesters: They ‘Like Me’

Thursday’s briefing also appeared to be a win of sorts for the medical professionals on the task force who have been more publicly hesitant than the president about charging forward while Trump has fretted vocally about the economic impact of the pandemic on the U.S. economy.

Pelosi urges Congress to ‘go big’ on next virus aid package

At least a dozen Capitol police officers and other staff have tested positive for the virus, and at least one senator, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, is in isolation at home after exposure from a staff member who tested positive. Other lawmakers have cycled in and out of quarantine.

China warns of ‘countermeasures’ over US virus sanctions threat

BEIJING: Beijing will retaliate if the US Congress passes legislation seeking sanctions against China over the coronavirus pandemic, the spokesman for the country’s parliament said Thursday. Tensions between the global superpowers have soared in recent weeks as they have traded verbal blows over the disease. Washington has criticised Beijing for its initial handling of the […]

China, U.S. to gain from cooperation, lose from confrontation: Chinese diplomat

BEIJING: China’s top diplomat Wang Yi said on Sunday that China and the United States both stand to gain from cooperation and would lose from confrontation, adding both sides must find a way for peaceful co-existence. Relations between Beijing and Washington have deteriorated since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, with the administrations of President […]

Trumpists Urging People to Leave Their Homes to Own the Libs

“There is a natural tension between the government taking actions to protect public safety and citizens feeling like their rights are being limited,” said Matt Mackowiak, a GOP operative in Texas. “We’ve seen it on the religious services aspect of this. There are questions about the police power ability of the government to begin with […]

Sacramento Churches Prepare Safety Guidelines For Reopening

Pastor Bryant Wyatt at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Del Paso Heights said he’s taking an extremely cautious approach to all this. While he considers church essential, he said it’s his duty to put safety first. Local guidelines to reopen churches, mosques and synagogues are in the works right now.