‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Prequel Creator and Cast Speak About Its Netflix Revival

Fans of the original movie will appreciate the series’ classic absurdist humor and learning how characters such as Henry, Gene, Lindsay, Abby Bernstein, “the Beekeeper” and even the can of vegetables get to where they do on the last day of camp. Instead of building up to a talent show, as in the original film, […]

Netflix Says ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ to Return—in the 1990s

“Summer camp for us was such a rich, heightened, dramatic time,” Wain tells Newsweek last year, “so I don’t think you ever run out of stories to tell in that world. And of course, we always just had great affection for those particular characters and those storylines and those actors, and so doing more of […]

Behind the ’80s-Inspired Music of ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

Along with Wedren and Shapiro’s music (which The A.V. Club has described as reaching “great heights of inspirational cheese”), the original Wet Hot soundtrack featured Rick Springfield, Loggins and Messina, Loverboy, Kiss and, most prominently, Jefferson Starship. But Wedren says the Netflix series is almost entirely original music. “We knew we wanted it to relate […]

Fosun is poised to revive Thomas Cook travel brand on internet

British regional airline Flybe, which had existing money issues, went out of business as early as March, and since then many other carriers have floundered, with the most high-profile being Virgin Australia, which laid off one-third of its staff members and entered voluntary administration in April, before being relaunched on a smaller scale.

Trump Revives Nixon’s Law and Order Message—Here’s Why It May Not Work This Time

About 93 percent of the racial justice demonstrations that swept the U.S. since Floyd’s death have remained peaceful and nondestructive, according to a study from the nonprofit Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project. The group identified 7,750 protests from May 26 through August 25 linked to the Black Lives Matter movement. Just 220 of […]

While you were watching summer’s biggest TV show, you missed summer’s best TV show – “Twin Peaks”

Don’t waste your last bit of ice flame in defense. “Game of Thrones” is still one hell of a soap opera — and perhaps that’s all it ever was beneath all the texture and time, even back in its more glorious stretch of the slow build. Many of us, having bent the knee years ago, […]

Rioting protester is set ablaze by his OWN Molotov cocktail in Portland as the city is convulsed by the 100th night of BLM demonstrations and unrest breaks out across the nation

When a line of riot police charged the BLM demonstrators they scattered, and officers were filmed sprinting after the fleeing protesters down normally quiet streets lined with family homes, pinning them to the ground and cuffing them while others shouted insults and taunts.

How we made Sub Sub’s Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)

Skip forward 10 years and Jez, Jimi [Goodwin] and I were in Sub Sub. We’d had a hit with Space Face and were looking to follow it up. We used to spend all day smoking weed and playing records, searching for samples we could use on new tracks. Jez put the forgotten record on, we […]

EXCLUSIVE: Coronation Street is in the ‘final stages of a return-to-production protocol’ and is in ‘active discussions with the government’ following filming suspension amid COVID-19 crisis

Bosses are reportedly offering doubled fees to celebrities as they continue to assess show contingency plans amid the global crisis. Sources claimed TV executives are keen for the series ‘to remain the jewel in the BBC’s crown’ and have already put forward contract proposals in a bid to attract a ‘stellar line-up’.

Love Island’s Chris Hughes dating stunning model Mary Bedford after Jesy Nelson heartbreak

50 Cent doesn’t ‘believe I can be cancelled’ Selena Gomez and Blackpink release their collaboration Ice Cream John Legend to feature on Carrie   Underwood’s Xmas album My Gift   Kris Jenner trademarks ‘sweetie’ catchphrase for merchandise