As Thousands Join The Coronavirus Fight, There Are Few Rules For California Health Corps

Gov. Gavin Newsom established the corps to staff the 66,000 additional hospital rooms he said could be needed when the coronavirus outbreak peaks in California in mid-May. Within three days sign-ups topped 70,000, more than twice the estimated pool of people in the state who retired within the last five years and have active health […]

New York governor sees ‘return to normalcy’ with rapid coronavirus testing

(Reuters) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday he believed there needed to be a mass rollout of rapid testing in order to achieve a “return to normalcy” after the peak of the novel coronavirus crisis passes in the United States in the coming weeks and months.

Coronavirus In Massachusetts: Baker Announces Creation Of COVID-19 Community Tracing Collaborative

Partners-In-Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joia Mukherjee said the goal is to “reach out to people and humanely let them know that they are at risk, and you really help them to isolate themselves.” She said it’s important to reach out to the many people who may be spreading coronavirus while appearing asymptomatic.

ICYMI: Top takeaways from this week’s “Face the Nation”: U.S. prepares for apex of COVD-19

2.   COVID-19 may make an unwanted return As long as this virus continues to spread around the globe, America will remain at risk until there is a vaccine, Fauci suggested.  What Fauci said: ”Unless we get this globally under control, there’s a very good chance that it will assume a seasonal nature in the sense that […]

Thousands of coronavirus-infected New Yorkers treated with anti-malarial drug

Mount Sinai’s-Icahn School of Medicine also is one of 34 institutions nationwide participating in the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project. The program seeks blood-plasma donations from recovered coronavirus patients that contain antibodies that can be used to fight the virus in seriously ill patients.

Coronavirus live updates: Patients rush to join tests of drug made by Bay Area’s Gilead

8:27 p.m. San Francisco delays property-tax deadline to May 4. San Francisco has pushed back the deadline for paying the second installment of this year’s property taxes without a penalty from April 10 until May 4, the first business day after San Francisco’s shelter-in-place order ends. “Taxpayers who are unable to pay by this date […]

Looming crisis threatening the US: Black and Latino workers to be hit hardest by coronavirus as their hours are cut, while others must risk the virus with no insurance or stay at home with no pay

Ed Grose, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association, said that hotels that used to have occupancy rates of around 80 percent are down to 30 percent, or even as low as 10 percent for those that relied on occupancy from hosting large gatherings.

Sanwo-Olu appoints new GM for LASHMA

Zamba joined the Lagos State Public Service in 2005 and has served as Director and Coordinator of the Lagos State Health Sector Service Charter Cascade Initiative between 2012 and 2020, State Health Sector Investment Officer between 2016 and 2018; Coordinator, and Health Sector Quality Control Program between 2015 and 2020. She was also on the […]

Rebecca Grant: China’s coronavirus deception campaign – three parts to their cover-up strategy

China’s deception surrounding coronavirus has taken three forms. First, as you know, China covered up the Wuhan outbreak from late November 2019, withholding information on the nature and progression of the COVID-19 virus. They were late to lock down Wuhan. “The delay of China to act is probably responsible for this world event,” Howard Markel, a public-health […]

Steve Hilton: To save all lives in the coronavirus crisis, we must slow the spread, but speed the shutdown

Dr. John Ioannidis, epidemiologist at Stanford University: We have more complete information about that denominator that suggests that the infection fatality rate is much, much lower than 3.4 percent. It is actually probably much lower compared to the 0.9 percent that is the main figure that went into some influential calculations by a wonderful team […]