Marvel’s Avengers game Mission List: Every mission on the war table

This Vault mission will have you follow a tracking beacon to a tiny nub on the ground, which once activated will open a vault. Once it’s open you’ll be tasked with unlocking the mechanism by activating certain terminals in time, while fighting waves of enemies.

‘Game of Thrones’ Dragons Explained: Names, History and Hidden Eggs

Dany’s Dragons: Viserion Named for Daenerys’ dead brother Viserys—he of the golden crown—Viserion was light brown in color until he was killed by the Night King in Game of Thrones Season 7 episode “Beyond the Wall.” After the army of the dead dragged Viserion’s body from a frozen lake, the Night King resurrected the dragon […]

Culture Insider: Dragon Boat Festival

Qu Yuan hoped to institute reforms and in poems satirized the corruption, selfishness and disregard for the people on the part of dubious characters who had achieved trusted positions. Neither this nor Qu Yuan’s resolve to resist Qin set well with King Qing Xiang, who was in fact married to a daughter of the King […]

How hero Royal Navy doctor saved 1,000 lives on both sides during the Falklands War

I breathed a huge sigh of pride and relief, realising I had done one genuinely useful thing in my life. We had saved another human being from death! I looked across at the aircrewman and smiled, receiving a warm grin back. Then I remembered … someone else was down there.

Super League table to be decided by points percentage to avoid Covid-19 chaos

“These decisions, regarding the rearrangement of fixtures, amendments to the salary cap, and most significantly a new way of determining the league positions, are a realistic and sensible response to those issues – and we hope they will be welcomed by players, coaches, supporters and other stakeholders in that manner.

Star Wars Rogue One star Felicity Jones secretly welcomes first baby

Felicity also described her perfect datedly with her husband, revealing: ”Oh, we were just saying this morning, if we didn’t have anything to do today – a long walk across Hampstead Heath… a proper walk, in wellington boots… a pub lunch and a movie.”

Necromunda: Underhive Wars plans to fix crashes and save corruption

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How to watch the Star Wars movies in order … the perfect order, that is

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope Solo: A Star Wars Story (Option A) Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith Solo: A Star Wars Story (Option B) Star […]

‘Chef’s Table BBQ’: All You Need to Know About the 4 Featured Chefs

Speaking in the documentary about her culinary secrets, she said: “At Snow’s, we have no secrets. I mean, our seasoning is salt and pepper. I can’t tell you how hot my pits are because I feel ’em with my hands. I don’t have a gauge there. I guess if I’d put a gauge on, I’d […]

‘1962 war detrimental to both India and China’

“Now, the U.K. Ministry of Foreign Affairs has admitted the illegality of the McMahon Line, but India remains determined to uphold the views of British colonists,” he claimed. According to him, the uprising in Tibet in 1959 and the Dalai Lama moving to India in exile were other factors. Following the events, China “had to […]