‘She had a great afternoon!’ Cheryl leaves ‘excited’ fan speechless as she surprises her by turning up at her house to meet her newborn baby

She then went on to quote what Cheryl had apparently told her: ”I couldn’t make your wedding & you’ve supported me over the years, the least I could do was come and see you and your beautiful new baby’, before adding: ‘#Cheryl #memories #happiness #idol.’

We’ll leave PDP if…. Femi Fani Kayode warns

“No-one, no matter how big or powerful, should think that they own the PDP. If there is any attempt to undermine Ayade it will spark off a crisis in the party that will split it right down the middle and the consequences will not be limited to Cross Rivers state.”

Breaking: Fani-Kayode threatens to leave PDP

“You cannot and must not undermine a sitting Governor or attempt to humiliate him in his own state and before his people. Some of those that are advocating and behind this nonsense would never allow it to happen in their own states. A word is enough for the wise.

Harry Dunn’s family urge Home Secretary Priti Patel to consider ‘virtual trial’ for alleged killer Anne Sacoolas so she can be tried without leaving the US

“Now the ‘loophole’ that allowed Anne Sacoolas to claim diplomatic immunity has been closed by our Foreign Secretary’s excellent efforts, it must be clear to all that the claim of immunity was the wrong thing to do and that a virtual trial is a way to achieve closure for Harry’s family without undermining the US […]

Lockdown of justice: Before the coronavirus crisis, Britain’s legal system was already in chaos. But as this shocking report reveals, just TWO of the ten courts designed to clear the backlog are open, leaving thousands of victims in despair

Meanwhile, Caroline Goodwin, QC, current head of the Criminal Bar Association, has said there are ‘growing concerns’ that more suspects, arrested for less serious crimes, may have to be released from custody following the Raynor ruling, which happened last month but only came to light last week.

Cargo train carrying anti-epidemic supplies leaves China’s Xi’an for Italy

In the next two months, more medical and epidemic prevention supplies are scheduled to be dispatched from Xi’an to Italy via the China-Europe train routes to help with the anti-epidemic fight. Enditem

Martin Scorsese Will Shoot Killers of the Flower Moon This Winter

Killers of the Flower Moon will be Robert De Niro’s tenth collaboration with Martin Scorsese, a partnership that began in 1973 with the American crime film Mean Streets. Over the decades that followed De Niro and Scorsese have given us some truly cinematic greats including Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The King of Comedy, and Goodfellas. […]

Michael Rosen completes new book after long battle with Covid-19

One of Rosen’s previous poems, The space on the page, explores the feeling that a blank page can be a friend. “You can write on it and it won’t answer you back, and it won’t laugh at you, it’s not ashamed,” said Rosen. “So I like writing to it and sharing things with it. And […]

Depressed about Brexit? Outsiders is the comedy that makes you want to stay in

We took a lot of the script directly from lines the actors came out with in improv. When the bored flatmates play a guessing game about Jamali’s ethnicity, he storms out of the flat saying: “I’m the only one with a British passport, and you have the audacity to ask me where I’m from? I’m […]

Immigration minister fails to get deal with French to turn back migrant boats then makes embarrassing gaffe on live TV

Three Afghan people smugglers linked to organised crime gangs in the UK have been jailed in France for bringing over migrants in small boats. Migrant boat recorded near Dover as minister dashes to France for crunch talks