High-Endurance Athlete, Andrew Hughes, Achieves the Antarctica Trifecta in Record-Breaking Time, Sets World Record

At points during his expedition, storms laid siege on Hughes and his teams holding them hostage in conditions for several days forcing rationing of food and supplies. Eventually emerging from the mountain, Hughes had lost nearly 15lbs, suffered frostbite on his hands and face as well as trench foot due to prolonged exposure to the […]

Porn troll Malibu Media sanctioned for trying to embarrass defendants

That attachment serves no purpose and is “calculated principally to harass defendants,” wrote Conley. Malibu said it had good reasons for attaching the exhibit. First of all, looking at other material helped it confirm that the defendant really was the right person rather than a houseguest, neighbor, or hacker. But that doesn’t explain why Malibu […]

Hey, NYU: Accept Cree Bautista Already

Cree Bautista was the very first person in America to submit a Common Application this year. The New York Times tracked him down, and he told them readily: NYU was his “dream school.” But the paper didn’t do much follow-up. How could this suburban cross-country runner and show-choir performer be so set on going to […]

Jacqueline Jossa feared she’d be bald forever after her hair fell out when she had her first baby

“Loads of stuff that was up in the air for the last two years has landed, I’m in the right place for where I need to be just now.”

How archivists and fans saved a long-lost Jak & Daxter Flash game from obscurity

“It was a hugely successful game but despite that, we have not found a single official file for it so far. The only real hope is to get people to search the web caches of their own computers to find the file of this beloved and long lost game. With a bit of luck, we […]