Flashback: Nancy Spungen Found Dead at Chelsea Hotel

One theory is that Rockets Redglare, the drug dealer who supplied the opiates that night, killed Spungen. According to author Phil Strongman in his book Pretty Vacant: A History of Punk, Spungen confronted Redglare when he tried to steal cash from their hotel room so he stabbed her in the stomach and split. “Noticing Sid […]

The French brotherhood burying the dead – rich or poor – since 1188

In 1853, the brotherhood became secular after a falling out with the bishop of Arras, who demanded it be overseen by the Catholic church or disband. Modern members are advised to avoid talking about about “religion and politics”, according to Guenot.

Coronavirus live updates: 50,000 dead worldwide

2:15 p.m. Newsom to states without stay-at-home orders: ‘What are you waiting for?’: In an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead” on Wednesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom was asked by host Jake Tapper if he had a message for governors of states that have not issued statewide stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic. Newsom said: “My message […]

Rapper Pop Smoke Dead, Shot and Killed in Home Invasion By 4 Masked Gunmen

1:20 PM PT — The friend who was hanging with Pop Smoke and photographed with him hours before he was killed, Mike Dee, has spoken out about the tragedy … saying nothing can express the pain he’s feeling, and addressing unfounded speculation about what happened.

“Field of Dreams” is absolutely terrible

This has very little to do with the nitpicks baseball fans often make when it comes to “Field of Dreams.” It’s annoying that the filmmakers seemed to care so little for detail, but I can get past the idea that, in their conception of baseball, Shoeless Joe Jackson was a right-handed Italian-American with a slight […]

Prosecution’s Closing Argument in ‘Grim Sleeper’ Serial Killer Trial: ‘He Wanted to Degrade These Women’

Silverman continued: “It is clear the defendant got pleasure from killing these young women because that’s how they all ended up. He definitely wanted to degrade these women by dumping their bodies like trash. He got off on that too and that is why he did it over and over. It gave him gratification.”

Selena Quintanilla’s Enduring Legacy: How the Late Superstar’s Influence Ended up Everywhere

“I am named after her. She was a big deal to my family and growing up from the get-go, I knew who she was and who I was named after,”Gomez said on The View in 2012. “I got to visit her grave. I’ve actually met her family. Some of her family, and it’s such a honor […]

All the World Loved Lucille Ball

Despite her age, Lucille recovered rapidly. When she woke up in intensive case, she looked up at husband Gary Morton and, calm as you please, inquired: “How’s the dog doing?” He told her Tinker was doing fine. Then she asked, “Was it a big surgery?” He said, “It was a big surgery, but it was […]

‘Stateless’: Cate Blanchett Reveals Why TV Is The Perfect Medium For Her Netflix-Acquired Refugee Drama

And so, in the series, we extrapolate out that sense of statelessness to a poetic reality. Anyone who comes into contact with an immigration system at the moment, whether it’s in Australia or Europe, or the rhetoric around building a wall in America, it is slightly maddening. The series started to crystalize for us because […]

Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island Unrated Edition Is Coming to Digital This April

RELATED: Fantasy Island Final Trailer Turns Mr. Roarke’s Paradise Into a Living Nightmare In Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island, the enigmatic Mr. Roarke (Michael Peña) makes the secret dreams of his lucky guests come true at a luxurious but remote tropical resort. But when the fantasies turn into nightmares, the guests have to solve the island’s mystery […]