US Air Force Challenges Stealth Aircraft Fleet With Radar Penetration Drills

Special anti-radiation missiles like the AGM-88 HARM can home in on the microwaves emitted by radar stations, creating a dangerous cat-and-mouse game in which radar operators must turn on their radars long enough to target and fire their missiles, but then turn them off again before enemy air-to-ground missiles can strike them. Even though the […]

County lines drugs gang brag about stabbings in drill rap video as 16 gangsters who used kids as ‘slaves’ jailed

“The operation depended, for a period of time on facilitating the travel of boys, aged 14 and 16, to the resort, where they were under the defendants’ control, told where to go, what to do and when, arranged or given transport, or given a base from which to operate.

Book review | Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber by Mike Isaac

This story is important enough just for everything that happened at Uber. But it is so much more. Uber also spurred a cultural shift- of raising billions of dollars with no end in sight, staying a private company for as long as possible, of regulations not being something to comply with as much as to […]

Keep off my grass!

The next morning, I knocked on her door. ‘Good morning,’ I wished her cheerfully. ‘Truly, no one appreciated your kindness. Someone who obviously spent half the night awake with the drilling noise, was so sleep-deprived this morning that they backed into your car. The headlights – smashed! Being a good neighbour, I came to tell […]

WarnerMedia restructures to focus on HBO Max, senior executives out

Media companies have been hard hit by severe drops in ad sales as marketers reel in spending due to the global coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has also halted production of original material, starving streaming services of new content needed to fuel subscriptions.

Donald Trump says he’ll order unemployment payments if impasse persists

Senate Republicans wouldn’t be able to back any deal of $2 trillion or more, given that as much as $1 trillion of the March stimulus package remains unspent, according to a GOP aide in that chamber. Schumer pointed out that some of Republican senators would be unlikely to support a bill regardless of size.

Covid Speed Read: SII caps vaccines at Rs 225 for lower & middle income countries

Covid-19: the current count in IndiaAs per the Health Ministry, the total number of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in India have reached a tally of 2,088,611. This consists of 1,427,669 people who have recovered from the virus and the death toll is at 42,578. The recovery rate amongst patients has risen to 67.98% and the […]

Millennials preferring short-term investment options than longer duration products: Aegon Life CFO

millennials view life insurance? Where do they like to invest? Are they focused enough on saving? And last, where the industry per say is headed in the uncertainty of the new normal?ETCFO caught up with Satishwar Balakrishnan, CFO, and Principal Officer, Aegon Life Insurance to understand the behaviour of millennials towards the life insurance industry. […]

Opinion: The next wave of growth will come from within. Make a Meaningful Difference!

Ayush GuptaHistory has constantly demonstrated the ability of strong brands to remain unscathed during periods of great depressions, and extreme market volatility. They decline less in value and recover faster! If you own or manage a strong brand, think about it yourself, this lesson was clear during the global financial crisis a decade ago and […]

Google, Microsoft team up to further secure your emails

San Francisco, Google and Microsoft have worked closely to create a new set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to help deliver security and privacy for Exchange on Android.Microsoft Exchange is the software that runs on a server and manages all your emails.For many Android users, Microsoft Exchange is the backend for their company email. Until […]