Report: Andre Iguodala to ‘seriously consider’ leaving Warriors in free agency

Other teams know how happy he is there. To lure him away, it’ll take a monster offer. If it also takes a roadmap to contention in a league that still includes the Kevin Durant–Stephen Curry–Draymond Green–Klay Thompson Warriors, it might be an insurmountable challenge.

Report: Warriors concerned about luxury-tax cost of re-signing Andre Iguodala

If Iguodala bolts, where would that leave Durant? Durant might not accept a lower salary just to save the Warriors money. I’d guess his willingness to take less than the max is based on the team building a stronger roster. Golden State refusing to pay for Iguodala wouldn’t be holding up its end of the […]

Free Agency primer: Top 25 free agents to watch

3) Gordon Hayward. He’s an All-Star, near All-NBA level wing player in a league where some elite teams are looking for one. He will have as many max offers as he wants, but the race appears to be down to Miami, Boston, and Utah. He will meet with all three then decide early next week, […]