Street Fighter’s Yoshinori Ono leaves Capcom after 30 years

After a rather quiet first half of 2019 for Street Fighter 5, Capcom walked the fighting game back into the spotlight at Evo 2019, where three new fighters were to be revealed: E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison. Unfortunately for Capcom, the new characters were leaked on Steam just days before the big event, but the […]

Recap: Das Boo!

After questioning the mechanics of the TARDIS language translation systems last week, the topic was broached this week, with the Doctor quickly reasserting the old rules for Clara’s benefit. Perhaps a nod to the English-speaking Russians of The Hunt for Red October? What sort of adventures did the Doctor and Clara have as they trekked […]

Damian Lillard: Players bypass super-max contracts due to media pressure

I wonder whether the tide will turn. Kevin Durant was vilified for taking the easy route to a championship with the Warriors. Suddenly, it was no longer about just counting the rings. Now, to satisfy these critics, players must find a team that’s good enough, but not too good. Maybe more players will rather just […]

Of Fists and Fatalities: The history of fighting games

Test your mightFighting games have always been about walking the line between simplicity and complexity. Their premise is easy to comprehend: Beat up the other guy. Two fighters–or two teams of fighters–enter, one leaves, with only a health bar standing between them. Even in 2012, these games are still largely based in 2D-style arenas, a […]

In memory of our heroes in the Mumbai police

29 Sharad Mane Age 44 Last post held Police Naik, Nirmal Nagar police station At the age of 18, Mane had to drop out from college and join the police to meet his familial responsibilities. After he became a father, Mane was determined to provide his children — a 12-year-old son and an eight-year old […]

Why some police officers rally around their colleagues — even when they’re accused of committing crimes

Many officers believe the public — even their own families — don’t fully understand the nature of what they do, said Thomas, referring in part to what he’s been told in providing counseling services to police. Some also feel that they’re viewed negatively because of their authority to make arrests, he said.

NRL: Monsoonal rain can’t stop electrifying Eels in win over Sharks

He produced the play of the match when he gave Moses a 10-metre head start and chased down his opposite number, who had pinned his ears back and set sail for Cronulla’s line after cleaning up a loose ball 20 metres out from his own line.

What You Need to Know About Religion on

Religion has been a subtle force in Westeros (and Essos) on Game of Thrones so far. But as we enter season five, it’s more than just a backdrop for weddings, funerals, and coronations. As Varys once presciently told Tyrion, a priest could have as much power as a king or a rich man, depending on […]

25 Defining Moments From

The Doctor, Deconstructed — “Human Nature” / “The Family of Blood” (2007)Who ever attempted. But “Human Nature” justifies the loftiness of its aspirations by arguably being the pinnacle of the new series. While running from a family of aliens, the Doctor changes his physiology to human, erases his memory, and hides out as a schoolteacher named […]

Draymond Green fined $50,000 for tampering with Devin Booker

“It’s great to see Book playing well and Phoenix playing well, but get my man out of Phoenix It’s not good for him, it’s not good for his career. Sorry Chuck, but they’ve gotta get Book out of Phoenix. I need my man to go somewhere that he can play great basketball all of the […]