Greek anti-fascist protesters ‘tortured by police’ after Golden Dawn clash

A second group of protesters also said they were “tortured” at GADA. “We all had to go past an officer who made us strip naked in the corridor, bend over and open our back passage in front of everyone else who was there,” one of them told the Guardian. “He did whatever he wanted with […]

Tokyo fears losing a part of its soul as world’s biggest fish market moves

Preparations for the move will disappoint tourists, who from mid-September will no longer be able to observe auctions of enormous frozen tuna, snapped up before dawn each morning and sliced up with bandsaws and frighteningly sharp knives before being shipped to restaurants and supermarkets. A spokeswoman for the market said public viewings of the auction […]

Meet the Female Soviet Spy Who Could Have Killed Hitler and Prevented the Second World War

The story starts in 1938, at Hitler’s favorite restaurant, Osteria Bavaria, in Munich, where Alexander Foote, another Soviet spy, was dining with his companion. As Foote and his companion were passing a private room where the Fuhrer often dined, he noticed that Hitler’s guards failed to react when his companion reached into his jacket pocket […]

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Hails ‘Sacred Combat Mission,’ Gets Warm Words from World Leaders

President Vladimir Putin of Russia, North Korea’s other neighbor, also reached out. He their bilateral relations “have been of friendly and good-neighborly nature traditionally, and the constructive bilateral dialogue and beneficial cooperation in various fields are in conformity with the interests of the peoples of the two countries and contribute to promoting security and stability […]

Book World: In ‘Not a Novel,’ Jenny Erpenbeck continues to evolve

A lengthy trio of university lectures amounts to an (BEGIN ITAL)ars poetica(END ITAL), meditations that address her playwriting as well as her fiction. The three talks resonate with memorable lines (“The world is there in every word, no matter how small”) and serve as a centerpiece for the entire text. Combined with the rest of […]

Hari Kunzru’s new novel of paranoia, politics and puppetmasters

To get over this, he goes for long walks around Wannsee, notably to the grave of Heinrich von Kleist, the restless German writer who explored human fallibility and extremes of feeling. He also compulsively watches episodes of Blue Lives, a TV police procedural with a twisted and brutal worldview. Incongruously, some of the cops and […]

Book review: A French novel of bleak interior and exterior landscapes

The artist’s tactile relationship with his material – sniffing, and sometimes chewing – as well as the layered and almost slapdash way he composes his monochrome ink-wash frames, exert an irresistible pull. She sneaks glances while he works and even breaks into his room to go over his drafts. Sometimes, on freezing nights, she can […]

Book World: Sue Miller’s ‘Monogamy’ interrogates what it means to be faithful over the course of a long marriage

These chapters are interspersed with Annie’s perspective as she seeks her view of her marriage through the scrim of her sense of betrayal. She becomes an observer of the children’s grief but distances herself from it and them. During the scattering of her husband’s ashes, Miller notes: “Watching the other three, she moved a little […]

Florida Governor Says Disney World is Safer Than a Party at Home During Coronavirus

“Disney, I have no doubt is going to be a safe environment. I think that where you start to see the spread is just in social situations where people let their guard down. Usually like a private party or something like that,” the governor said at a press conference.

Florida Disney World reopens despite state spiking in coronavirus cases

Matt Hollis, head of STCU, told The Guardian : “There’s absolutely people that are nervous, when you hear the reports of the virus, the statistics, but what they see every day is Disney taking the steps necessary to keep them and the guests safe.