Sky News host and former Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry opens up about her battle with depression and how her ‘guardian angel’ helped her

It got to the point when I thought, ‘I can’t carry on like this.’ I knew it was not right. I thought I was a burden, I was in deep pain. I was desperate. The thought of ending my life was constant for months.

AFL legend slams Sunrise host David Koch over his ‘White Australia’ racist accusations after another footy identity called for the league to abandon playing a game in China

‘With two major-level sponsors a direct result of its engagement in China, regular elevated interactions with significant government figures, protagonists in the AFL’s first in-season matches in Asia, Port Adelaide is well placed to realise its ambition to become a global brand,’ the website read.   

Andi Peters reunites with Edd the Duck and Live and Kicking co-host Emma Forbes

“He’s much more adventurous than me and we had to do things like open a ride at Thorpe Park and I couldn’t open my eyes for the entire ride, so Andi held my hand as I screamed solidly through the VT.

Charlie Rose FIRED by CBS and PBS one day after 13 WOMEN accuse the exalted newsman of unwanted sexual advances as his co-hosts reveal their shock and horror at lewd and nude allegations

‘I do not revisit this time in my life often and I felt no need to take anyone down. I am also in a moment of incredible highs in my professional life and feel that I am fully living out my purpose; the last thing I want or need is to attach my name to […]

TV News Roundup: Billboard Music Awards Sets New Date with Host Kelly Clarkson

DATES Dick Clark Productions and NBC have announced that the Billboard Music Awards will air on Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. on NBC. Originally planned to take place April 29 in Las Vegas, the awards show was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kelly Clarkson is set to host the event for a third time, although additional […]

Black DJ fears she was racially profiled by her neighbours after police were called to her flat over ‘wild parties’ during lockdown even though she only lived there for a week

A DJ fears she’s a victim of racial profiling after she found police inside her new apartment – ten days after she moved in – following reports of ‘wild parties’ and ‘drug use’. Kaylee Golding (above) had just moved from Birmingham into the flat in Newham, east London, when officers turned up on August 9. […]

Northampton sandwich factory which supplies M&S is STILL open – despite almost 300 workers testing positive for coronavirus

Local lockdowns have not been imposed on all of the areas. Leicester, Blackburn, Preston and Aberdeen are under strict rules, along with a wider area around Greater Manchester and Lancashire where rules are tighter than they are elsewhere in the country.      

‘Coronavirus is a poor person’s virus’: Silcon Valley’s elite are throwing lavish parties where guests take 15-minute rapid COVID tests and use private jets to hop from one ‘safe’ city to the next as they ride out the pandemic

Florida reported a record 277 deaths on Tuesday, while Arizona had a near-record spike of 148 deaths on Wednesday. The spikes could be a result of a weekend-delay in reporting given there is the same steep drop off each week.

England vs Pakistan 2020, Live Cricket Score And Updates, 2nd Test, Southampton: Rain Delays Start Of Day 3

3:33 PM IST That’s all then! 45.4 overs on Day 1 and just 40.2 on Day 2. Pakistan would be the happier side after today’s performance. With 1 wicket still to go, Rizwan will look to tonk a few more out of the park to take Pakistan further. England will look to get rid of […]

What’s in a mispronunciation of a name? Ask Kamala Harris

Robert Goldman, a Sanskrit professor in the South and Southeast Asian Studies department at UC Berkeley, told The Chronicle that “Kamala” can be difficult for some English speakers because they naturally want to put the stress on the wrong syllable. He said one or two-syllable Sanskrit names typically don’t tongue-twist English speakers, but said, “You […]