Endo What?: the film to make women with endometriosis say ‘enough already’

But we need it to be, and that’s why Cohn is right when she says endometriosis patients have to organise. We need to demand answers from governments, and we desperately need them to more carefully examine the quality of life and financial impacts of endometriosis. Maybe then they can explain the funding disparity and come […]

The sound of Shoaib

That was the reason why understanding how Shaiby mattered required thinking of the heroic, required recalling an iconic song, required reducing his experience to sound. Even when experienced solely by our ears, Shaiby stirs something deep within us, something born of our basic emotions. We get distracted by our own perceptions of these emotions, judging […]

The Enchanted Island: the isle is full of mash-ups

Handel came first. His Italian operas, over 40 of them, and the oratorios, every bit as theatrical, sometimes more so. The humanist bible that is L’Allegro, il Moderato, ed il Penseroso. The church music: I allowed myself one ridiculously famous example, since the entrance music for the World’s Greatest Living Tenor (Placido Domingo) seemed to […]