Where Did Plants Come From? This Ancient Algae Offers Clues

While fossils of land plants are abundant, ancient seaweed fossils are rare. To survive out of water, plants developed sturdy vascular systems and strong cell walls. Those same characteristics make for excellent preservation in fossils. “Most algae are little squishy things; they don’t form a skeleton. The first land plants had to have some sort […]

Study Says Indians Can Live 4 Years More With Cleaner Air; Dangerous Effects Of Air Pollution

The impact of air pollution on human beings goes something beyond repair. A new study has reported that Indians could live about four years longer on an average or more than 4.7 billion life years combined if it complies with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) air quality standards.

SpaceX will fly cargo to the moon for NASA

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From Wuhan to Australia: A timeline of key events in the spread of the deadly coronavirus

February 8The first deaths of foreigners in China are announced. A 60-year-old US citizen confirmed to have the new coronavirus dies in Wuhan, as does a Japanese man in his 60s, who was hospitalised with pneumonia and showed symptoms consistent with the virus.

NYC Mayor de Blasio says HALF of all New Yorkers will get coronavirus and warns people not to cling to Trump’s ‘false hope’ of reopening by Easter, as doctors describe ‘apocalyptic’ surge in patients across overwhelmed hospitals

On whether the US is going to run out of essential items, Fauci added: ‘I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t want to scare anybody because I believe in the meetings that I’ve been in at the task force, you’re talking about FEMA, you’re talking about other organizations that are really geared to […]

Easter Facts to Make Your Celebration

Why do we dye eggs on Easter? There are some other theories as to why we dye eggs in celebration of Easter. The first and most obvious is that coloring the eggs brilliant colors helps usher in spring. The other is that in the 13th century, King Edward I ordered 450 eggs to be decorated […]

Trump sets goal to re-open US economy by Easter

Private companies are heating our call to produce metal equipment and supplies, because they know that we will not hesitate to invoke the DPA in order to get them to do what they have to do. It’s called leverage. You don’t have to you use it from the standpoint of actually, it’s been activated but […]

The story of the millionaire Tory MP and the tenants facing homelessness

All those bromides from politicians about the importance of housing key workers and the glory of the NHS – they count for nothing here. And as Garratt and her friends tell me, they’re not even the worst off. Garratt’s parents also live in the estate – her dad has chronic lung disease – and now […]