C++ is now the fastest-growing programming language, report says

The index ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third party vendors. The programme’s hits on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu are used to calculate the ratings.

Programming languages: Julia touts its speed edge over Python and R

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Programming languages: C++ jumps in popularity as Java falls away

“After 2005 it didn’t hit the 10% [mark] anymore and in 2017 it scored an all-time low of 4.55%. But if compared to last year, C++ is now the fastest growing language of the pack (+1.48%). I think that the new C++20 standard might be one of the main causes for this.”      

Developers: Programming language C++ is about to get this huge update

“Until now, we have had three such language features that let programmers create their own Words of Power by (a) giving a user-defined name to (b) something whose implementation is hidden. They are: the variable (which encapsulates the current value), the function (which encapsulates code and behavior), and the class (which encapsulates both to deliver […]

Microsoft: VS Code update gets new features with programming language TypeScript 4.0

The Notebook UX changes aim to improve the cell execution order label to make it easier to discover. Previously, users couldn’t see the execution order label (#) while executing a cell. So the VS Code team has shifted the table below the execute button. 

Teachers Resigning Across U.S. Cite Remote Learning Frustrations, COVID-19 Concerns

“I’m very sorry to my students and my parents this year but in reality, I’m not the best teacher for this situation,” Bean wrote after resigning from her teaching position, WGHP-TV reported Wednesday. She went on to describe the technical glitches which come with remote learning. “Highlighting the text and physically putting your hand down […]

Microsoft’s TypeScript language: Startup reveals long journey to JavaScript spin-off

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Parents’ biggest frustration with distance learning

According to a recent study from Common Sense Media and the Boston Consulting Group, about 15 to 16 million K-12 public school students in the US live in homes with inadequate internet connections or don’t have access to devices needed for distance learning.

Elon Musk’s brain-computer startup is getting ready to blow your mind

Most BCI work currently ongoing falls into two camps: either it’s looking at making consumer-grade, non-invasive kit that could ultimately offer a way of interacting with devices like smartphones —  UIs based on thoughts rather than key presses or voice commands — or medical-grade systems to help people with brain or spinal injuries overcome paralysis. […]

University unveils new program to bolster educational development

Twenty-two experts from the university and alumni members working in the education sector will be responsible for helping make these dreams a reality. Among them are Yuan Zhenguo, professor of the Faculty of Education of the university, and Li Zhicong, headmaster of the No 2 High School of East China Normal University.