University Of Pittsburgh Developing Blood Test To Determine Coronavirus Immunity

Dr. Alan Wells, executive vice-chairman of the Section of Laboratory Medicine in the UPMC Department of Pathology told the Post-Gazette that the test being developed is based on one done in Europe to see if people were exposed and possibly immune to the virus.

Make-A-Wish Illinois Finds Ways to Bring Hope during Uncertainty

Make-A-Wish Illinois knows that the anticipation of a wish-come-true can be a powerful motivator for wish kids to face and overcome the challenges in their way. Through “Messages of Hope,” Make-A-Wish invites the public to spread hope and anticipation by writing, recording or photographing themselves delivering messages of encouragement for wish kids waiting for wishes […]

Underworld: Blood Wars

The Real Housewives of New York City premiere recap: We’re not cocktail talkers, we’re bad bitches

Love Island’s Dr Alex George gives an insight into life on the NHS frontline in A&E as he explains the TWO types of coronavirus testing and the ‘barriers’ to rolling them out across the UK

‘Do I think that it [the tests] will be available to buy in the future? Potentially even abroad? Probably… But I don’t think it will be that soon, in the UK at least it will very much be controlled so the tests go to the right places at the right time.’ 

Ministers ‘no longer discounting’ theory coronavirus leaked from Chinese lab after staff ‘sprayed with animal blood’

In a statement, the Wuhan Institute of Virology said the conspiracy reports had “received close attention from all walks of life” and “caused great harm to our research staff on the front line of scientific research” back in February

Final Fantasy 7 Remake review – a faithful retread, with a few missteps along the way

Of course, you’ll be doing more than just fighting – there are collectibles to find and plentiful minigames, from darts to dancing. Activities that were minor asides in the original have been expanded upon here too. One major worry I had prior to playing the Remake was that it would simply be too short – […]

Anna Jones’ quick and easy recipes for jams and preserves

The change in seasons is near. It’s magical when summer and autumn collide for a few short weeks – it’s my favourite time of year for food. Squashes and mushrooms are just around the corner, while we are still enjoying the last of the papery husked corn, courgettes and patty pans in all their colours […]

Some easy recipes for men who are under a lockdown alone

01/5Got some easy recipes for men under a lockdown Cookies is usually linked with women and men only seem to be catching up with this skill in the recent times. However, there are many men who still don’t know how to cook which is absolutely fine. Since we’re all stuck at home during this lockdown, […]

Billionaire Jeff Bezos hints Amazon could deliver ‘easy-to-access’ COVID-19 tests across the world after conversations with WHO as workers in 17 US warehouses test positive for the virus

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – Amazon notified employees at its “ONT8” fulfillment center that a worker had contracted COVID-19. Last at the facility on March 18, the person has since received medical care and has gone into quarantine, the Desert Sun reported. The warehouse is continuing operations, the report said.

Ways in which you can organise your jewellery

02/5Section pouches We’re sure you have at least one of these lying around at your place, so make good use of it. These kinds of pouches have multiple sections so you can store your jewellery individually in them. Not only does it prevent your jewellery from getting tangled, but being packed up can also help […]