Make-A-Wish Illinois Finds Ways to Bring Hope during Uncertainty

Make-A-Wish Illinois knows that the anticipation of a wish-come-true can be a powerful motivator for wish kids to face and overcome the challenges in their way. Through “Messages of Hope,” Make-A-Wish invites the public to spread hope and anticipation by writing, recording or photographing themselves delivering messages of encouragement for wish kids waiting for wishes […]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake review – a faithful retread, with a few missteps along the way

This Remake is respectful of the original Final Fantasy 7 for the majority of its runtime, right down to specific lines of dialogue being said just so and NPCs being dressed a certain way But it has made a lot of changes too – some small, some story-alteringly huge. The Wall Market, for example, retains […]

Anna Jones’ quick and easy recipes for jams and preserves

A lot of people are put off making jam because they think it will be a lot of bother, but if you choose the right recipe, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The way to go is in small batches, so you don’t need a massive pan and you needn’t boil the fruit for […]

Some easy recipes for men who are under a lockdown alone

05/5Pasta If you are confident enough after a few days of cooking and if you wish to expeirment a little more, you can choose to cook some pasta by yourself. Not necessarily add a lot of veggies to it. But you can always look up some white sauce or red sauce pasta recipes to make […]

Billionaire Jeff Bezos hints Amazon could deliver ‘easy-to-access’ COVID-19 tests across the world after conversations with WHO as workers in 17 US warehouses test positive for the virus

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – Amazon notified employees at its “ONT8” fulfillment center that a worker had contracted COVID-19. Last at the facility on March 18, the person has since received medical care and has gone into quarantine, the Desert Sun reported. The warehouse is continuing operations, the report said.

Ways in which you can organise your jewellery

05/5Jewellery boxes If you’re someone who has a lot of jewellery on you then investing in jewellery boxes can come in rather handy. They have multiple sections and drawers that can help you store different things individually. Plus, they look rather pretty too so it’ll help add to your decor.

Lockdown: Ways to rekindle your relationship

There are ways to initiate play time in the house when you can’t go to malls or do outdoor activities. Bhonsle says, “Engage together in activities such as doodling, origami, clay work, painting an entire wall in the house, learning to cook using youtube videos, trying a life hack, doing a DIY and decorating the […]

California homeless advocate: ‘We’re moving way too slowly’

Some 40 million Californians are under a state order to stay at home except for essential trips, such as buying food or medicine, and fear of spreading contagion remains high. On Friday, Contra Costa County ordered people who test positive for COVID-19 to isolate themselves and to tell their close contacts — such as live-in […]

How to Pick the Right Monitor Mount

Make Sure Your Monitors Are VESA Compatible Before we continue: know that in order to use basically any third-party stand or mount, your monitor needs to be VESA compatible. That means having standard mounting holes drilled into the back, typically directly into the steel frame of the monitor itself, allowing for any compatible mount to […]

Richard Stallman calls Ubuntu “spyware” because it tracks searches

Stallman was never going to be a fan of Ubuntu, as it includes some repositories of non-free software. But the Amazon search results make things worse, he wrote. “Any excuse Canonical offers is inadequate,” he wrote. “Even if it used all the money it gets from Amazon to develop free software, that can hardly overcome […]