Samsung Lifestyle TVs to come in eco-friendly boxes that can be reused to make pet houses

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4th of July: Independence Day Deals, Coupons and Discounts at Home Depot, Safeway, Old Navy and Lowe’s

Home Depot: The company told Newsweek that there are discounts across the store, from furniture to tableware to small kitchen appliances. These deals are available until July 7, including up to 40 percent off select furniture, 30 percent off select small kitchen appliances and 30 percent off select bedding & bath.

Best scented candles 2020: festive candles, relaxing candles, candle gift sets and more

(AD) Yankee Candle Advent Calendar Gift Set with 12 Scented Votive Candles, 12 Scented Tea Lights and 1 Votive Holder, Festive Book Gift Box, for £34.99 on Amazon – buy here 4. Best designer scented candle Splurging on an expensive candle is one way to guarantee that the aroma permeates the room and lingers even […]

Shoppers can save a third on Australian Glow Tanning at Superdrug this week

Australian Glow 1 Hour Express Self Tan Mousse Dark, £10.65 WAS £15.99 – buy here Australian Glow 1 Hour Express Self Tan Mousse Ultra Dark, £11.98, WAS £17.99 – buy here Australian Glow Self Tan Refill Dark, £9.32, WAS £13.99 – buy here Australian Glow Self Tan Refill Ultra Dark, £10.65, WAS £15.99 – buy […]

Samsung announces better-than-expected Q1 2020 earnings guidance

Why it matters: Samsung on Tuesday provided earnings guidance for the first quarter of 2020, pushing share values north thanks to better-than-expected results – especially for being in the middle of a global pandemic. The next quarter and beyond still remains uncertain and will depend on how the Covid-19 situation plays out. Samsung forecasted an […]

World Health Day: Getting Healthy The Easy Way

8. Eat Non-starchy Vegetables It is no news that vegetables are extremely essential for maintaining a healthy diet. It is not that eating starchy vegetables such as potatoes, beans etc. are bad for your health but that eating non-starchy vegetables such as spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower is a […]

Don’t miss these (rare) discounts on the MacBook Air, Surface Pro 7

You probably already know that the detachable Type Cover keyboard is practically a mandatory purchase, and normally it’s sold separately. Because as a tablet alone, the Surface Pro 7 doesn’t make much sense. We’re happy to report that this deal comes bundled with it. The keyboard remains gratifying to use, with a layout that never […]

Boris Johnson: 5 things to know about the British prime minister

Johnson pushed for Britain to leave the European Union, arguing that membership had destroyed the United Kingdom’s sovereignty and wasted money that could be better spent in areas such as public health care. His campaign was ultimately successful and Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016.

Helen Glover introduces her newborn twins Kit and Willow in sweet shoot as husband Steve Backshall hails the rower ‘the best mum possible’

Deadly 60 star Steve sweetly praised Helen’s role as a mother to their three children, stating: ‘No one knows better than me quite what she’s capable of. She has taken that same insane determination into being the best mum possible. It’s humbling seeing how dedicated she is to our children.’ 

Meet the inventor of the solar mosquito trapper!

Mathews is satisfied at having made a significant breakthrough in the indoor mosquito trapper. “The indoor mosquito trapper has good potential. We need Rs 50,000 to further test this device. So I am waiting to launch the version 2 of the Hawker, and then start work on the indoor device. This can be easily installed […]