Jeju Island in South Korea becomes new hot spot for Aussie travellers, according to new study

As an island, it goes without saying you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rock formations, mountains and volcanoes to explore. But it’s the underlying love affair with sex that is getting the island more and more attention.

When there was trouble in paradise

Five years later, the Fraser government wanted him off the islands altogether. When its attempts to force the sale of Oceania House failed, it bankrupted him by refusing to give any business to his shipping company. John Clunies-Ross and his wife moved to Perth.

Georgia governor weighs `new options’ amid virus backlash

FILE – In this Wednesday, April 1, 2020 file photo, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp speaks during a news conference at Liberty Plaza across the street from the Georgia state Capitol building in downtown Atlanta. Kemp is in a very public battle with Shirley Sessions, who was sworn in barely three months ago as mayor of […]

‘If it comes, it will be a disaster’: life in one of the only countries without coronavirus

Vanuatu – a nation of just under 300,000 people, whose 80 islands are strung across the ocean, 1,800km east of Australia – remains one of the few countries in the world without any confirmed cases of the coronavirus. There are a few countries in Africa that still have no cases, but the bulk of these […]

Extreme isolation: World’s last virus-free corners hold tight

KOROR: A coronavirus-free tropical island nestled in the northern Pacific may seem the perfect place to ride out a pandemic — but residents on Palau say life right now is far from idyllic. The microstate of 18,000 people is among a dwindling number of places on Earth that still report zero cases of COVID-19 as […]

Entry points into Seshachalam forest sealed

The Community-Based Eco Tourism (CBET) parks at Talakona, Mamandur, Papavinasanam, 7th Mile Museum (Tirumala ghat), Nagaravanam and Jungle Book have already been closed to the public after the lockdown was announced. Though trespass of humans into the wildlife sanctuary and national park area has been prohibited, it will now be implemented stringently, officials said.

Coronavirus: The future of the Kiwi holiday

When I got off the helicopter to start walking around the ice, I was asked where I lived. I replied New Zealand, to which the guide laughed and said he was more likely to see a kiwi (the bird) than a Kiwi (the tourist) come up the mountain. At $485 per person, the price is […]

Greg Hunt approves dredging off Queensland to create huge coalport

The reef will also be aided by an $89m boost to programs such as the Reef Trust, a Coalition plan to improve water quality and tackle threats such as a plague of starfish which has devoured much of the reef’s coral. A total of $32m in “offsets”, to be paid by developers, will be required […]

Hawaii mayor to arrested Florida man: ‘Covidiot’

“But, you know, when you factor in the risk that they pose to our community, not having a place to quarantine, not having any accommodation, quite frankly, possibly being another homeless individual that we would be asked to take care of,” he said. “You know, it hurts.”

Hawaii mayor to arrested Florida man: ‘Covidiot’

Earlier last week, Kauai police arrested another Florida man, Dwight Anthony Tucker of Tampa. He was stopped in Hanalei, a tourist town, a day after he arrived on Kauai, police said. He was arrested after authorities said he disregarded Gov. David Ige’s statewide order that requires all visitors who arrive on or after March 26 […]