Britain issues warning over threats to Hong Kong freedoms

He will also meet members of Scotland’s Rugby Sevens team as the Hong Kong Sevens tournament kicks off on Friday, as well as Hong Kong and British businesses “to discuss new ways of connecting the UK, Hong Kong and China markets”, the FCO said.

Reporting on Hong Kong: ‘What will happen to this wonderful city?’

Tania Branigan, the Guardian’s foreign leader writer, who spent seven years as China correspondent As China correspondent of the Guardian for seven years, I found reporting in Hong Kong was a breeze compared with working on the mainland – people were so ready to talk. When the “umbrella movement” erupted in 2014, protesters happily identified […]

China’s grip on Hong Kong eroding its status as financial hub, investors believe

Hong Kong was a trade centre almost from its foundation in 1841 as a base for British attacks on China designed to protect the opium trade. Throughout the 1800s and 1900s, its status as a tariff-free free port made it an attractive staging point for companies that wanted to do business with mainland China.

‘Five Eyes alliance’ slams postponement of Hong Kong polls

The Hong Kong opposition had expected to make gains on the back of widespread resentment about the controversial security law. The legislation — to punish what China defines as secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign powers — was widely criticized by opponents and Western countries as damaging to citizens’ rights.

China’s Great Firewall descends on Hong Kong internet users

After the new measures were announced late on Monday, Facebook, Microsoft, WhatsApp, Google, Twitter, Telegram and others said they would not process information requests from the government until they had reviewed the law. TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, said it was leaving Hong Kong altogether.

Hong Kong elections: UK and allies condemn moves to ‘undermine democracy’

More on Hong Kong’s security law: THE US MOVE: Should US firms be worried about Hong Kong sanctions? RISING TENSIONS: The Hong Kong crisis and the new world order THE NEW LAW: What it is and why Hong Kong is worried WHAT COULD HAPPEN: Life sentences for breaking the law and more ELSEWHERE IN THE […]

Hong Kong media freedoms in spotlight as FT journalist denied visa

Authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong have said the notion of independence is inconsistent with the principle of “one country, two systems” under which the territory has been governed since Britain handed it back to China in 1997. The principle promises Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy and freedoms not enjoyed elsewhere in China.

Hong Kong leader refuses to explain UK journalist’s visa denial

While insisting that “freedom of expression, freedom of reporting, are core values in Hong Kong”, Lam said her government would “not tolerate advocacy of Hong Kong independence, which threatens national security, territorial integrity and development interests”.

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested over alleged foreign collusion

Foreign collusion crimes include requesting or conspiring with a foreign country, institution, organisation or individual – or receiving instruction or funding from them – to disrupt government legislation, undermine an election, or impose sanctions against Hong Kong or mainland China. “Provoking by unlawful means hatred among Hong Kong residents towards the government of Hong Kong […]

‘Our spirit will never be crushed’: Hong Kong activists vow to keep fighting despite new laws

In less than a week Hong Kong’s atmosphere has changed dramatically. People have been arrested for possessing materials deemed “subversive”. Colourful “Lennon walls” with pro-democracy messages have been torn down or replaced by blank notes after police warnings. Political groups have disbanded. Authorities have ordered schools to remove books that might “endanger” national security while […]