“Fight on!”: Pro-democracy media mogul Jimmy Lai released in Hong Kong

In images broadcast live on Facebook by his own reporters, he told staff to continue filing the kind of unvarnished dispatches that have infuriated China and pro-Beijing politicians in Hong Kong.

Is War in the Air? US Anti-China Bellicosity May Push the World Over the Edge, Prof Warns

“The situation, however, is now much more dangerous, because many states have infinitely more destructive power than the Nazis could ever dream of: technologies of mass destruction in the nuclear, biological, cyber and space-warfare fields”, the professor warns. The unfolding rivalry is not only political and economic, but also ideological, according to the professor. Speaking […]

Ecuador says China restoring shrimp exports following Covid-19 dispute

Ecuador expects a quick resolution to a trade dispute with China over traces of coronavirus in a container of exported shrimp that led Beijing to suspend imports from three companies, Ecuador’s production and trade minister said on Tuesday.

In Taiwan visit, Azar accuses China of ‘hobbling’ coronavirus response

“We have had successful cooperation and engagement with the PRC on a few issues, including on some areas and health,” he continued. “But on the most important health challenge of this century, genuine cooperation was lacking. I’m so pleased to be here today to thank Taiwan for setting a positive example and for choosing enthusiastically […]

Azar defends Taiwan trip, says China should worry about ‘getting more transparent, more open’ on coronavirus

“Well, as Secretary [of State Mike] Pompeo said yesterday, the Chinese Communist Party has to be feeling pretty weak and insecure if the visit of a health secretary to meet with other health colleagues in the middle of a pandemic, to an area like Taiwan — which has been a model of transparency and openness and democratic values throughout this — [is enough] somehow […]

Commentary: China’s offline trade fair sets weather vane for post-pandemic global cooperation

China’s rapid development over the decades benefited from interactions and cooperation with countries around the world and has in turn provided other countries with sustained growth impetus and important opportunities. The key to success lies in a true commitment to opening up, and such a commitment remains effective and will continue to benefit the world […]

Interview: Implementing outcomes of Cambodia-China high-level meeting to promote Cambodia’s development amid COVID-19: deputy PM

He said China also pledged to assist Cambodia in formulating modern agricultural development plans, such as agro-industrial parks and the construction of rice storage system, and help Cambodia optimize its industrial structure and upgrade its level of industrialization.

Tourism and mushroom cultivation help a village shake off poverty in SW China’s Guizhou

BIJIE, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) — Located in the Wumeng Mountain area with an average altitude of 2,300 meters, Haique Village was once haunted by poverty. The village has developed homestay tourism and greenhouse mushroom cultivation to boost the economy. The village has been lifted out of poverty now.

Shares mostly lower in Asia after retreat on Wall Street

Unprecedented actions by the Federal Reserve to stabilize markets this spring, including cutting interest rates and ramping up bond purchases, have made stocks attractive relative to other assets and given traders enough confidence to keep snapping up stocks.

The Latest: Most of Singapore foreign labor cleared of COVID

The Republican lieutenant governor sued Cooper last month, alleging the Democrat’s orders limiting business activities and mass gatherings and mandating face coverings were unlawful because he failed to first get support from the Council of State. The 10-member council includes both of them, Attorney General Josh Stein and other statewide elected officials.