Sacramento Public Library – Virtual

Stay in the know with access to daily editions of The Sacramento Bee(Opens in a new window) and The New York Times(Opens in a new window) Flip through your favorite magazines(Opens in a new window) like Cosmopolitan, Food & Wine, and HGTV Read through current and past National Geographic(Opens in a new window) magazines in […]

Sacramento Public Library: Board Meetings

Join video conference – available on March 26 at 11 a.m.Meeting ID: 996 191 462#Or join by phone: (669) 900-9128 Sacramento Public Library Authority Board – Budget Audit Committee will meet on Thursday, March 26 at 3 p.m. via video conference.

Quiet, please… In praise of the British Library

The aim is to be an art director: if I could do that in an advertising agency that would be great. I really think advertising can be a good force for change. I’ve been coming to the library for years: you can just sit upstairs with your laptop. I’ve brought friends here quite a few […]

Gayle Holloman Named Atlanta-Fulton Library Director

Most recently she served as the Library Division Manager, with responsibility for the daily operations of the 34 library branches. Holloman has been an integral part of the Library Capital Plan, which is scheduled to come to full fruition in 2020 with the re-opening of Central Library and the completion of all remaining library renovation […]

British Library buys Kenneth Williams diaries

A case in point is a diary excerpt from 1969 when he fell out with Joan Sims on the set of Carry On Camping. “Her patronage & assumption at times that she should tell me what to do, is intolerable. I shouted ‘You cow cunted mare’ and Hattie [Jacques] intervened and told me to stop […]

Bosch creates coronavirus swab test and machine that gives results in less than three hours – removing the need to send samples to a laboratory

‘CT scans are an extremely powerful diagnostic tool, because you can seen the inner organs in a three-dimensional way,’ lead author Dr Adam Bernheim, an assistant professor of diagnostic, molecular and interventional radiology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, told

Earth Hour 2020: When is it? ‘Does Earth Hour make a difference?’

Earth Hour promotes awareness about environmental issues on a public platform. When millions of people switch off their non-essential electrical appliances for a time period, it reduces the stress on the demand for the resource, thus lessening the pressure on the planet. Other than which it makes environmentally-aware citizens who understand the need to reduce […]

Indonesia shortens stock trading hours for first time in history

Jakarta (VNA) – The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will shorten trading hours, starting March 30, as one among measures to reduce market volatility caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first time in history that the IDX has made such a move. It has suspended trading for a few days, but it has never […]

Carlsbad’s Libraries Halted Book Returns

The library has created a new web page consolidating all of the online library resources, such as digital books, magazines, research databases and streaming entertainment. These online services remain available to those with a library card, and library cards can be obtained online as well.

Woodbridge Town Library: Still Available!

You can still support the Friends of the Woodbridge Library even while their bookstore is closed! While you’re scrolling through Amazon looking for more cleaning supplies or pet food, why not have your purchases serve a bigger purpose? Go to and search for the Friends of the Woodbridge Library as your designated charity. Supporting […]